List of 10 Top Online Shopping Sites In India for Cheap & Discounted Products

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Top Online Shopping Sites In India. Nearly 329.1 million individuals are expected to purchase products and services on the internet in India by 2020, according to Statista, a US-based website for statistics. This means that around 70.7% of Internet consumers within India will have bought goods on the internet.

The rise of online shopping isn’t limited to urban and large metro regions. With the proliferation of smartphones and super-fast four 4th Gen (4G) mobiles, online shopping has become a common practice in semi-urban and rural areas of India.

Predictions for the future

The increase in the volume of online shopping impacts the revenues as well, Statista further says. According to projections, the sales of retail e-commerce across India are predicted to explode and will grow from US16 billion in 2016 to just under US45 billion by 2021.

According to Statista, In 2016, was at the top of the top 10 shopping websites across India with net revenues at USD 437.7 billion. Other top performers included Flipkart and Snapdeal that also provide affordable online shopping within India.

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What are people looking for?

While shopping for items, shoppers in India search for the lowest-priced shopping websites online where it is possible to save on costs or websites that offer the item they are looking for at discounted fees. Also, they seek out:

  • Flexible payment options like Cash-On-Delivery or the ability to pay in simple installments.
  • Delivery services that are reliable on online shopping websites.
  • Returns policy should the item received be defective or inapplicable to their requirements.
  • Superior customer service.
  • Discounts and frequent sales.

Top 10 online shopping websites in India

Based on customer feedback, personal experiences, and statistics taken from trustworthy sources, we present India’s top 10 online shopping websites. These are all the cheapest shopping sites online, which means you can buy items there for less than shops.

Amazon India

Amazon India is the darling of all online buyers in India. This is evident in the fact that internet-based shoppers around the world bought goods worth US$437.7 billion in the calendar year 2016. 437.7 billion during the calendar year 2016. Amazon India recorded sales worth Indian Rupees 322.5 billion (about US$ 49 billion) in the very first three months of the fiscal year 2017-18.

What is it that makes Amazon India so popular?

In the beginning, it ranks first as the most affordable online shopping website in India. It is possible to purchase anything on Amazon India for rates between five and 10 percent less than other stores on the internet in India and up to 85 percent on certain products.

For a one-year membership fee of Rs. 499per year, Amazon India offers membership to Amazon Prime. Customers of Amazon Prime enjoy a host of advantages, including delivery that same day and within 24hrs in selected cities, unlimited videos, and free shipping on a range of products.

Around 100 million items are sold on Amazon India, including smaller retailers, Self Help Groups, and charities. Amazon India’s application is among the most popular top internet shopping sites, very popular with people who use smartphones.

In the first quarter of 2017, Amazon India recorded a sales growth of around 100 percent over fiscal 2016 and 2017.


Homegrown Flipkart is second in the top 10 online shopping websites in India. Flipkart has more than 80 million products across 100 categories. Flipkart is known as being more receptive to customers in the Indian market.

This is why it’s among the best online shopping sites that outdo its rivals during the three- or four-day sales, which are usually held during the start of Indian festivals. Due to the fierce competition in the e-retail industry of India, Flipkart is planning to increase its investment in its operations over the next few years.

Despite fierce competition from international and Indian online shopping websites, Flipkart holds some 40 percent of India’s online retail market. Flipkart is also among the best online shopping sites in India.

In the very first three months of the fiscal year 2017-2018, the sales of Flipkart rose by 29 percent throughout fiscal 2016-2017.


In just six years, ShopClues is now third-ranked among the top 10 shopping websites in India. The site was established in 2011. ShopClues now claims to provide more than 28 million items, including expensive electronics, special-purpose mobile phones, breakfast cereals, and jams.

The first quarter of 2017-2018’s financial year, ShopClues saw a huge increase in sales volume by more than 58 percent compared to fiscal 2016-2017.

ShopClues is a testament to its success, thanks to high-end merchandise and customer-friendly policies. There are more than 650,000 stores spread throughout India. ShopClues provides goods to addresses in more than 32,000 Postal Index Code (PIN) areas across the country.


Third, on our list of top 10 online shopping websites for India are Snapdeal. The cheap online store in India has more than 35 million products in more than 800 different categories that include more than 125,000 local, national, international, and regional retailers and brands.

With millions of active users and over 300,000. Sellers Snapdeal offers the best online buying portal for Internet users all over the world with delivery to more than 6000 towns and cities in India,” claims Snapdeal’s website.

Snapdeal has maintained its status in India’s most popular online shopping websites due to its speedy delivery service and its capability to adapt to market requirements rapidly.

Paytm Mall

We have ranked Paytm Mall as the fourth of the top 10 internet shopping websites in India due to two primary reasons. First, Paytm Mall offers everything you require, from food to top-of-the-line electronics and mobile phones.

Paytm Mall operates mainly through its mobile payment app named after it. It’s also among the cheapest shopping sites online in India. This means that you can purchase anything through Paytm Mall. However, you must make payments only using Paytm Mobile wallet.

Indian currency. They can both be connected to your smartphone. Paytm Mall emerged on the list of the top 10 online shopping websites in India due to the demonetization in November 2016 of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes from Indian currency.

Paytm efficiently leveraged the success of its payment wallets to create Paytm Mall.


Since its debut nearly ten years back, Myntra has emerged as India’s most popular online shopping website for fashionable men and women. It’s also among the top 10 shopping websites online in India and attracts thousands of customers every day.

Myntra also is a low-cost online shopping website located in India If you’re seeking to purchase high-end merchandise at meager and reasonable prices. Myntra has a selection of ready-to-wear of the most renowned and new Indian fashion houses and internationally recognized foreign designers.

There are few online stores in the sector that can match the prices Myntra provides. Apart from fashion-forward clothing for teenagers, kids, and adults, Myntra also offers the full assortment of furniture and home decor items at a low cost.

Cosmetics, perfumes, and accessories for dresses are offered online by Myntra.


The 6th spot among our lists of the top 10 online shopping sites in India is the local-owned Jabong. This cheap online store is extremely popular with the younger crowd because they can purchase full-quality clothing and accessories for a reasonable price.

Jabong provides a unique feature called “The Juice The Juice’, an online guide to the latest fashions and trends in India and abroad. You can purchase anything from a stylish suit to an essential soap from Jabong.

Alongside fashionable clothing ready-made for people of all ages, Jabong also offers a large selection of sports items accessories, such as wristwatches, belts, bags, wallets, perfumes, sunglasses, and fragrances.


Bigbasket is one of the pioneers of internet-based grocery buying in India. Bigbasket is, without doubt, India’s most popular online grocery store and is among the most affordable online shopping websites. With more than 18,000 items and more than a thousand brands available in the catalog of BigBasket, you can find everything you need to furnish your home.

Bigbasket’s offerings include fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals and rice, as well as spices and seasonings. Packaged items, drinks including fish, meat, chicken products, dairy products, and other essential items.

The popularity of Bigbasket stems from the big cities of India in which people working have very little or no moment to go shopping for groceries items and other household necessities that are not food-related.

In operation in over two dozen major cities in India, Bigbasket offers an array of benefits, such as discounts on all your needs, including food items and body and cosmetic products, household and personal hygiene products.

In addition, you get free home delivery on all orders of the amount of Rs. 1,000 or more. The great thing is that you can pick the delivery date that suits your schedule.

In the first quarter of the fiscal year 2017, BigBasket stood out among India’s best ten online shopping websites and recorded a staggering 206 % increase over 2016-17.


Daily discounts on a broad range of goods, Grofers is acknowledged for its contribution to changing the way that Indians buy groceries as well as other necessities of a household. One of the most appealing features that you can enjoy when shopping online with Grofers is local flavour.

That is, Grofers will either detect your place of residence or lets you select the state and city from which you want to purchase your needs. So, you can be sure to receive a wide range of foodstuffs and household needs from your state of origin delivered to your residence somewhere else in India.

To facilitate this, Grofers has agreements with retail stores across the major cities of India. Furthermore, Grofers also offers round-the-clock delivery that allows the most appropriate times to ensure that you receive your items.


Pepperfry is among India’s top of the most popular online shopping sites, which sells furniture and accessories for the office, home outdoors, and just about every possible basis. In general, people aren’t thrilled at the thought of buying furniture and accessories online because you’d typically want to inspect the item first.

But, Pepperfry has changed this outdated idea. If you type in a search term for a product, this leading shopping site in India will show you the options offered. You will be provided with helpful tips and advice on what furniture to choose, decor, and other items for your requirements.

If, for instance, you’re looking to purchase an upholstered bed cover, The website will inform you of the benefits of different designs so that you can pick the right one. You can also buy tools for gardening fixtures for toilets, lampshades and chandeliers, unique curtains, and other fantastic items that will add to the beauty of your office, home, and outside at Pepperfry.

Before shopping

Shopping online can be a bit complicated. This is because of the wide variety of goods offered, special deals, discounts, delivery times, flexible payment methods, and other variables.

It is possible that sites in India don’t deliver to your address. This is usually the case with online grocery stores, which are located in the major cities only. Therefore, we have compiled the top 100 online shopping websites in India.

But, the majority of other items can be purchased even if you live in rural regions. Online shopping is an excellent method to save money.

100 More top online shopping sites list in India

No Name Category Domain
1 Infibeam Fashion, mobile, electronics
2 Yebhi Fashion and accessories
3 Ajio Fashion and accessories
4 Homeshop18 All products
5 eBay All products & used items
6 Nature’s Basket Grocery & organic foods
7 Tata Cliq Fashion, electronics
8 Nykaa Body & beauty products
9 Purplle Body & beauty products
10 ZopNow Groceries & household goods
11 Croma Electronics & appliances
12 Patanjali Ayurved Ayurvedic drugs, cosmetics
13 Reliance Smart Groceries, household items
14 AaramShop Groceries, household items
15 Rediff Shop & Gift All products & gifts
16 Limeroad Fashion for women & men
17 Shoppers Stop Fashion & home appliances
18 Shein Fashion & accessories
19 Gadgets India Unique electronic gadgets
20 Zefo Furniture, mobiles, gadgets
21 Urban Ladder Furniture & furnishings
22 iHerb Herbal health & beauty care
23 Nursery Live Plants, seeds, garden stuff
24 The Spice Market Spices, plant seeds, nuts
25 Sri Sri Tattva Ayurvedic drugs, cosmetics
26 Lifestyle Body, beauty & skincare
27 Naturally Yours Organic foods & plant seeds
28 Place of Origin Authentic local foods of India
29 Happily Unmarried Unique gifts & home décor
30 Besharam Adult ‘toys’ and ‘needs’
31 Newu Body, beauty & skincare
32 Brindco Indian, foreign alcohol
33 Fabindia Garments, organic food
34 Ebzaar Groceries, household stuff
35 Bantia Furniture & furnishings
36 Vijay Sales Electronics & appliances
37 Koovs Fashion wear, cosmetics
38 Luxox Cane, garden furniture
39 Togofogo Mobile phones, accessories
40 That’s Personal Adult ‘toys’ and ‘needs’
41 Booksmela All types of books
42 My Bageecha Exotic plants, shrubs, seeds
43 Aplava Men’s & women’s cosmetics
44 EZ Mall Electronics, home appliances
45 Decathlon Sports goods, accessories
46 CoolBuy All products
47 Catchin24 Fun stuff & gift
48 CraftFurnish Fashion, jewelry, books
49 Firstcry Baby clothes & requirements
50 NNNow Fashion & accessories
51 Hopscotch Baby clothes & requirements
52 Mini Klub Baby clothes & requirements
53 The Indus Valley All types of kitchenware
54 Vajor Readymade garments
55 Himalaya Healthcare Herbal drugs, cosmetics
56 Naughty Me Adults ‘toys’ and ‘needs’
57 Masala Toys Adults ‘toys’ and ‘needs’
58 Love Treats Adults ‘toys’ and ‘needs’
59 Delux Toys Adults ‘toys’ and ‘needs’
60 Privy Pleasures Intimate lingerie and ‘toys’
61 Kink Pin Naughty pleasures
62 HopShopDrop Fashion and lifestyle
63 Pickle & Chutney Ethic food from Indian states
64 Giskaa Natural & organic foodstuff
65 Zizira North East Indian products
66 Vicco Laboratories Herbal cosmetics, body care
67 Desi Chain Nature products from India
68 Delight Foods Sweets, savories of India
69 Tastebells Ethnic sweets of Indian states
70 Snack Bazzar Snacks, sweets, delicacies
71 Ferns & Petals Gifts, plants, sweets, nuts
72 Mithai 4 All Sweets from Indian states
73 LOT Mobile phones, accessories
74 Zopper Electronics, mobiles, gadgets
75 Bajaao Musical instruments
76 BX Furtados Musical Instruments
77 Natural Plaza Branded Ayurveda medicines
78 Furnish My Home Furniture and home decor
79 DeoBazaar Fragrances, bath, body, skin
80 SoundMonk Musical instruments
81 Musicaa Musical instruments
82 OrderYourChoice Indian sweets and snacks
83 Sweet Khana Indian sweets, pickles, jams
84 Haldiram’s Sweets Indian sweets, snacks, gifts
85 Sex Toy India Sex toys and accessories
86 Sexpiration Sex toys and accessories
87 Kalyan Jewelers High-end Indian jewelry
88 Amrapali Jewelers Indian gold and gem jewelry
89 Voylla Inexpensive costume jewelry
90 Nakshatra Jewelry Gold, platinum, gem jewels
91 Caratlane Jewelry High-end jewelry of all makes
92 Idukki Valley Spices Kerala spices, spice powders
93 The Flying Squirrel High-end coffee, tea powders
94 QTrove Food, household products
95 Sprig Unique sauces, jams, spices
96 MyDhaba Healthy foods, jams, sauces
97 GiftEase Greeting cards, gift items
98 The Headphone Zone Speakers & headphones
99 Cilory Ethnic wear for men, women
100 Soch Indian fashions for women

We hope that the list above can serve as a comprehensive guide to India’s most popular online shopping websites.


Before you purchase anything, it’s advised to look up the top 10 shopping websites in India and check out what they the market. Also, lookout for a Flexible payment policy. * Returns policy. * Hidden charges. * Delivery times and fees. * Warranty/Guarantee from the manufacturer. It is also possible to evaluate prices on two affordable online shopping websites in India and then decide which one to purchase. With new players entering the Indian online shopping market each year, the market will become more intense. For consumers, this means you have a more excellent selection with low costs.

Final words The final words

India is among the most rapidly growing e-commerce markets globally, with millions of brand new Internet customers benefiting from low-cost mobile connections to discover the most affordable online shopping websites. According to a recent study, mobile phone Internet users within India are expected to be 37.36% of the total population by 2021, which is a massive potential for a customer base on mobile and online. The internet’s entire audiences in India are expected to exceed 635 million internet users by 2021.


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