How to Answer Very First Question “Tell Me About Yourself in English”

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Did you realize why the question “Tell Me About Yourself” is asked so frequently during most interviews for jobs? This question is an icebreaker. When you ask this question, it begins the process of conversion.

You must prepare a response. This question gives the interviewer the chance to get to know the candidate being interviewed.

If you begin to talk about yourself, the interviewer starts making plans for the next question. Therefore, there’s a high chance the response to this question heavily influences the next question you ask.

Since the answer to this is mainly dependent on your thinking and plan it before the interview.

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7 Points to Consider When Answering “Tell Me About Yourself.”

When preparing the answer, take note of the following suggestions.

1.) You must tell them your name and what location you’re from. Assume you’re “Gaurav Sinha,” then don’t start by saying “Myself Gaurav Sinha”; begin your speech with “I’m Gaurav Sinha.”

This is a standard error. This is not ideal for interviews, particularly for call center positions.

2.) Education Then you will speak about your family members (concisely cover them) and describe your journey to town, for instance.

Inform them about your educational experience, i.e., Graduation, post-graduation. If you’re a student, give them the marks you earned. If you’ve done something different than the other students, inform them. It adds value!

3.) The experience you had to Discuss your knowledge in all its entirety. Beginning with your early years, continue to the present.

If you’ve been in the business for a long time, history, you shouldn’t be doing the same routine over and over. What exactly were you doing?

That’s what the interviewer would like to listen to. If you’re starting, then discuss your work.

4.) This is of great attention to the interviewer. You may possess a great deal of knowledge. However, the knowledge you’ve gained from your current job description is crucial.

If you don’t possess it, then you could discuss a similar experience. Or, in case you don’t keep a similar experience, then state it transparently. With it, you can ensure that they have the confidence to achieve it and are genuinely interested in doing it.

New applicants who do not have any background should display a positive outlook and demonstrate a willingness to discover and try new things. Prepare yourself to try new things.

Don’t be worried about the possibility of making mistakes. Fresher applicants are likely to make mistakes, and your bosses are aware of this, so there isn’t any reason to be worried. Don’t be afraid to ask me questions. provide you with much more than what you can handle.

5.) Don’t describe your salary or pay scale at this time ( unless specifically inquired ).

6.) Avoid giving unnecessary details. Make sure you can value the time of your interviewer.

7.) The idle answer isn’t supposed to last longer than a minute.

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