Small Business Ideas From Home In India

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Small Business Ideas From Home In India. The Starting Small Business  from home of your choice is every person’s desire. But, many young entrepreneurs have their hopes cut short because of a lack of money for investments or lucrative business concepts.

If you have particular expertise, you may be able to begin your own small-scale company that requires no investments. Although some of these small-scale businesses can be run at home, in others, you might require leasing a small space.

Small-scale business funding: Generally, small businesses start with what little capital they have. Cooperative credit institutions also provide credits at extremely low rates. You might consider obtaining loans to fund your small-scale business idea.

Make sure you plan your business well to ensure the best results:

  1. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail.
  2. So, plan your business before it’s time to launch.
  3. Research your market and the demand for what you intend to provide.
  4. Familiarize yourself with potential competitors in their product offerings.
  5. Speak to those you trust, and seek their advice when needed.
  6. Create an inventory of potential customers before the launch.

50 Small Business Ideas From Home In India 2021


Suppose you’ve done the previous homework and are almost ready to begin your small-scale business for a low cost. Here are 50 innovative and inventive small business ideas for minimal investment. We recommend 2021 as the year to begin.

1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

It is the most talked-about business trend in India today, and there are endless opportunities in digital marketing.

You can create an agency that focuses on digital marketing, or you can start freelance work and begin your own business or even market various products using digital marketing and earn money.

However, you must possess a solid understanding of digital marketing before starting any business in the field of digital marketing. Learn about digital marketing on the Internet or enroll in the training centers.

It is difficult to locate quality digital marketing training institutions in India. Many of the individuals, who offer training, aren’t proficient themselves.

I am more than ten years of experience working in the field of digital marketing. I offer free training on digital marketing in Hindi on the YouTube channel I have. I have thousands of favorable reviews on my channel, which confirms the high quality of the channel.

2. Dropshiping

This is a popular and innovative business concept in India. You can begin your online store without a huge expense and without having to stock every product.

The benefit of dropshipping is that there’s no have to buy any item if you receive orders from a client.

These are the steps to follow to begin an online dropshipping company

  1. Find a supplier like AliExpress, IndiaMart, etc., and join up with them.
  2. Create an e-commerce site On Shopify and include what you would like to sell through these suppliers.
  3. Promote your website on Facebook as well as other marketing channels like Instagram.
  4. Receive orders.
  5. Contact the supplier to place an order and request them deliver the item to the buyer’s address.
  6. Profits.

The profit you earn will be the difference between the cost of the supplier and the price you sell it at. You may sell as much as 3 times the cost from the vendor.

3. Blogging

I am a full-time blogger. I began my blog in 2016. It took me a year to master blogging, but I began earning decent money from blogging after one year.

It was the year 2017 when I reached $2000 in blogging. Today I earn more than $20k each month through blogging. There are many bloggers from India, the USA, and all around the globe who earn between $500 and $25,000 or more per month from blogging.

It’s a fantastic chance for those seeking low-cost business ideas. It is possible to start with just 5000 rupees.

This article will provide you with information about the best way to create your blog. There are many great ways to earn money from your blogs. You can learn more about these strategies here.

You can also check out this video, which will help you through step-by-step information on creating your blog.

4. Mobile Phone Repair/ Accessories/ Recharge

India will boast nearly 800 million users of smartphones at 2022’s end. In addition, this number will rise exponentially as new models and brands arrive on the market.

Thus, the demand for retailers and those who repair mobile phones is likely to rise exponentially. It is also possible to sell accessory items as well as credit card recharge.

5. Mobile garage-(Small company for men)

Everybody has seen cars or motorbikes break down in the middle of busy roads. The driver of these vehicles typically has a problem deciding what repairs to make. In these situations, it is possible to provide a mobile garage.

If you want to start this business at a minimal investment cost, you’ll require the vehicle, mobile phone, and all the equipment needed to fix the stuck vehicle. The only thing you need to do is rush to in which the vehicle is parked for repairs.

6. Small Online Business Ideas

Various small-scale business ideas can be carried out online from the comfort of your home or workplace. It is possible to start any of these ideas without no investing any money.

We’ve covered the various business concepts here. You can decide which one is most appropriate for your needs by selecting the 160 concepts.

7. Babysitting/ Childcare

It is a small business that women can run, which can be launched at home or from a small location. The capital required to open babysitting or childcare services is minimal.

All you have to purchase is the basics of cribs, toys, and mattresses.

Include a couple of disposable packets, antiseptic soaps, and first aid kits also. Today, childcare and babysitting services are in high demand due to the increase in the number of married couples who work.

8. Network marketing

Network Marketing

The concept of network marketing also referred to as Multi-Level Marketing, is an ideal small-scale business idea. But, it is important to join with trusted brands that offer top-quality products.

A search on Internet will bring up a few top brands whose items are constantly in high demand.

In light of the increasing medical inflation, the population is increasingly seeking unorthodox nutritional and health supplements and products in addition to beauty and skincare products.

It is possible to grow your online marketing network by advertising its products within your circle of friends. It is also possible to promote the business online by establishing an online site.

9. Meal service (Tiffin)

One of the most effective small business ideas for women. The demand for delivery to work and home of meals has grown dramatically.

Start your own small-scale business for a low cost directly from the kitchen, cooking healthy, fresh meals and then supplying them to homes and offices.

10. Aquariums & fish

This is a business idea that you can start without much investment and at home. You will need to purchase several aquariums of different sizes and types of marine fish well-known as pets to start this venture.

Fish can be bred using special tanks.

Aquariums also are popular gifts. In addition selling air pumps, fish food, and other accessories for aquariums can earn you more revenue. But, it is important to be knowledgeable about managing different kinds of fish.

11. Cakes & bakes

If you have a well-equipped oven, you can start an investment-friendly business that makes muffins, cakes, cookies, and other bakery products.

This little business has enormous potential as consumers constantly seek new and better-tasting foods at a reasonable price. It is, however, necessary to have great skills to cook these delights.

12. Nursery & garden requirements

Again, this is a wonderful small-business idea that requires no expenditure. With the growing awareness of the environment, many people keep small plants and trees in their homes and offices.

It is possible to start this business from the comfort of your home. You can also sell packages of fertilizers, seeds, and other garden necessities.

13. Jams, pickles & sauces

As people become more conscious of their health, they become more aware of their health; the need for healthier jams, pickles that are not commercially produced, sauces, ketchup, and sauces is growing.

Additionally, people are concerned about eating foods that contain chemical substances of any kind. In this regard, you can create sauces, jams, pickles, and ketchup using traditional recipes free of chemicals.

14. Ice cubes

Naturally, it’s a complicated industry, particularly because the ice cubes sold on the market today have to be in line with the standards set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

But, with the right equipment along with clean water and the right packaging, you can be part of this lucrative business by selling cubes of ice in large quantities to bars and restaurants and selling them to consumers.

You’ll require FSSAI accreditation for your Ice cubes.

15. Stamps & Coins

Surprisingly, this business is practically absent in India. Collectors of coins and stamps search for the most recent issues from across the globe.

Just a few procedures are all you require to begin this low investment small business with high returns.

Sign up with the postal offices of different nations by making a small payment to purchase the most recent stamps. Coins are also available through specially Bureaus run by the government abroad.

They’ll send you the latest coins and stamps that are offered at a fair price to collectors.

Stamps & Coins

16. Pet care

Naturally, everyone loves their pets. However, when traveling on business or vacation, it is not possible to bring their pets along. So, many people search for services that take care of their pets when they’re away.

If you’re well-versed with handling animals, This is a fantastic option to consider. This is also an extremely small-scale business that requires little investment.

17. Fragrant candles (Creative business concept)

Let your imagination and your sense of scents go through the air. Making candles is relatively simple. Aromatic oils are readily available. If you have the right training and knowledge, you can create beautiful candles of all kinds, sizes, and shapes.

These candles are becoming more popular to help you relax and meditate.

18. Travel services

In offering travel and related services, you will allow you to earn instant gains. Join your long-distance bus service and offer online reservations of tickets for trains and book hotels in various locations for customers.

It is also possible to add local sightseeing and other services for your clients. You could either work on behalf of a significant travel company or sign agreements with service providers and earn commissions for each booking you make.

19. Small business ideas to start the creation of an Ethnic food store

If you are familiar with the tastes of different communities in India, You can start an Indian-themed food store without much expenditure.

The only thing you have to do is purchase items with longevity from vendors in these specific regions and then sell them to the communities you want to target.

20. Party services

People host parties for different reasons. Parties are celebrated throughout the year to celebrate birthdays, anniversary celebrations, and other occasions. Through this low-cost business, you can provide a variety of services.

This includes decorating the venue, organizing games, appearances by mascots purchasing and packing return gifts, among other things.

21. Address verification service

Credit card issuers, banks along with mobile companies frequently need physical proof of the addresses that customers provide. This is done to guard against the possibility of defaults and fraud.

This is a low-cost business that is back popular today. You will need an automobile and personnel to go to the address of the customers provided by banks or other services.

22. Medical Sample Collection

It is another fast-expanding, low-cost, small-scale business idea that is being developed in India. This is simply a way of collecting urine, stool, blood, and the sputum of patients at their residences.

The samples will be sent to pathological labs, which will analyze the samples and issue medical reports.

The courier must deliver the reports to the client. You’ll need an automobile, the equipment needed to store the biohazardous materials, and the ability to extract blood samples.

You’ll need to sign agreements with pathological labs before starting this industry.

23. Antique furniture restoration

Everyone is reluctant to part with antique furniture. They are of sentimental value. Repairing or restoring damaged antique furniture is an industry you could consider if you have the aesthetic sense and required skills.

You can also employ artisans to complete the repair on the location of your client. Restoration of antique furniture is extremely complex and requires top-quality workers.

24. CCTV & surveillance

In the last few years, people are becoming more aware of their security. They want to secure their loved ones and themselves from sexual assault, theft, and other crimes.

As a result, more people are investing in CCTV and security cameras in their offices and homes. It is a low-cost and high-return small business opportunity.

25. Business plan to create religious items

India has a large market for goods needed by people of different faiths. This includes images of gods such as incense sticks and cotton wicks for candles, lamps, and prayer beads. Small items of paraphernalia.

Making them at home or on the smallest scale requires only a little cost of investment. There’s no shortage of buyers for these products.

26. Unique Ice Creams

In the past, people might have been hesitant about the thought of ice cream containing capsicum or tomato. But these unusual Ice creams are now popular.

Unfortunately, producers of such unusual ice creams are very only a handful despite the enormous market. If you’re brave enough, consider this low investment venture of exceptional Ice creams.

27. Signboards

There are generally two types of signs that shops and businesses use: Painted and Neon. Each small commercial or commercial establishment needs signboards.

There is a demand for innovative yet affordable signage that can effectively advertise the company. Producing and supplying signs of all kinds as per the requirements of the business’s owner is a service that is in high demand all year.

28. Workforce supply

Every business needs more staff frequently. This is particularly true for restaurants, where the rates of staff turnover are high.

Cooks and waiters can leave at the last minute or even leave their work. This can cause the business owner at great risk of being in the middle of a mess.

Sometimes, families also require help in cleaning their house. If you are creative and have a low expenditure, you can help restaurants solve their workforce issues and make a decent income every day.

29. Stationery Supplies

Colleges, schools, and other educational institutions, as along with businesses, need large quantities of stationery. These include personalized letterheads, business cards envelopes, invoice books, and receipt books, and others.

With just a little money and contacts, you could be able to enter into this lucrative business. You’ll need contracts with printers, as well as some sample prints to start this lucrative business.

30. Corporate gifts

India is a country with a rich tradition of corporate gifts. This tradition is ongoing throughout the year. Corporate gifts can include pens, cups, wallets, and an array of other things presented to employees and business partners.

Typically, these items are usually printed with the name of the business and logo. With the right sample and contacts, you could start your own business for little investment.

You’ll require a broad selection of items and examples to show to customers.

31. Services for packing

Small and medium enterprises generally don’t have a separate department to pack their products. They hire employees who are often undependable.

Or assign the task to small firms that can store their goods carefully while keeping to deadlines.

To start this business, it is necessary to have the right packaging materials like strapping machines, cartons, cutters, and, of course, human resources.

32. Chocolates made at home.

If you have the chocolate-making skills and small capital investment, you could get into this lucrative small-scale business opportunity. Chocolates made from home are sold at the majority of major pastry shops and gift shops.

They are extremely sought-after because their flavor is different from the bulk-produced kinds commonly found on the market.

Many companies purchase homemade chocolates that they can send as gifts to colleagues. Chocolates like these are in huge demand during the wedding and festive season too.

33. Nameplates

The standard practice worldwide is to put a nameplate on the front door of an apartment or house. In addition, many people place large names outside of buildings such as villas, bungalows, and villas.

They are more drawn to names that are artistically designed or simple ones. The production of these plates can be an affordable investment enterprise that can be started by anyone easily. The need for these nameplates is constant throughout the year, and you could earn a decent income from your business.

34. Sorting and labeling of postal mail

India Post requires all bulk mail to be identified with addresses and then sorted by Postal Index Number (PIN) code. Companies, banks, and companies listed on the stock exchange bulk mailers search for small companies that can offer this service.

Particularly as they do not have to recruit staff for the purposes. It is necessary to have a vehicle and some workers to start this low-cost small business.

35. Walking tours

Walking tours can be a wonderful low-cost venture if you live in towns and cities with many tourist attractions.

Foreigners and visitors from the country are keen to experience the firsthand impression of the city, walking around the streets, meeting with locals, and experiencing the sights and sounds.

You’ll need to rent buses to transport your guests to the area where they can walk and see tourist attractions.

36. Imported products

Indians returning home from the trip usually purchase things they can market locally. They do this to offset expenses associated with their trip abroad.

They sell cosmetics, fragrances, cigarettes and liquor chocolates, food items, and T-shirts. The demand for foreign products in India guarantees you an excellent market for your products.

37. Laptops that have been used

A luxury for a while back, laptops are commonplace today. Trends in shopping suggest that people sell their old laptops to purchase new ones with the latest capabilities and higher specifications.

However, there is an enormous demand for laptops that are used. Refurbishing, buying, and selling these laptops is an investment-friendly investment with high returns that you could consider.

38. Soya products

Today, a growing amount of people are turning vegan. Soya-based products such as soya milk and tofu (soya curds) along with soya flour, soya chunks provide an excellent alternative to beef.

Making Soya products is relatively simple when you have the necessary equipment. It’s also a low-cost, small-scale business. It is possible to get a modest loan to start your micro-business.

39. Gardening services

The homeowners and housing associations that own gardens typically cannot tend to their preferred and often expensive trees, plants, and lawns.

Thus, they search for small-sized businesses that can perform the job.

You’ll need to purchase some gardening equipment as well as hire workers to start this small business. It is all year round in high demand.

40. Glamour photography

Every female and male wants to look glamorous. Images that look glamorous are utilized for various reasons: to submit applications for positions as models or actors, actresses and actors and cabin crew for airlines, or marriage.

Having good eyes for taking beautiful photographs is a fantastic venture to start with a low investment.

You’ll have to purchase a professional camera as well as the equipment. Photographs can be taken in the residence of the client or public locations. You can also hire studios by the hour or by the hour if you require.

41. Caregiver service

Seniors who are ill and in hospitals need caregivers. Particularly when their family members are working or are unable to meet their requirements, caregiving services are rapidly growing in India.

Naturally, you’ll need the help of a few people to offer this kind of service. Many unemployed people are keen on working as caregivers for companies that offer the service.

42. Computerized Horoscopes

Naturally, this is an extremely popular low-cost business in India. It takes a computer that runs the necessary software and a printer and fancy paper to print the Horoscope.

In a world of mythology, computer-generated Horoscopes are still highly sought-after. The reason is straightforward people do not depend on only one computer.

They are looking for multiple horoscopes sourced from various sources.

43. Digitalisierung of audio and video

Many people in India own video and audio cassettes of their most loved music and movies and recordings of special occasions and other things. But these cassettes are becoming uncommon.

Today, DVDs and other digital formats of music storage are gaining popularity. If you have an older player, recorder player, and video cassette player, you could join the industry of digitizing older recordings.

You’ll have to purchase equipment that lets you convert audio and video files in the old formats to the most recent formats.

44. Wedding dresses

In the past, wedding dresses were the most popular choice for wedding gowns for the Christian community. But over time, the idea of wedding dresses has become commonplace among people from different religions.

Bollywood films have also been a major factor in popularizing wedding dresses.
Creating wedding gowns is a fantastic low-cost, low-investment, and high return small-scale business idea for women and men who have a flair for fashion designing.

You can also provide other clothes to earn money throughout all through the year.

45. Chips and wafers

Chips and wafers are eaten in every cinema hall and school, in homes, bars, on trains and buses. The possibilities are endless. Making chips and wafers from banana, raw potato, tapioca, jackfruit, and other starchy root vegetables.

The equipment required isn’t expensive.

But, it is important to ensure that you are getting the right raw materials and use excellent packaging. In general, bars and shops purchase these chips and wafers in large quantities.

46. Air conditioner maintenance

Today, air conditioners are an essential element of households as well as offices. This is why there is a constant need for small-scale businesses that provide excellent maintenance for the expensive equipment.

Recent trends suggest that consumers are more likely to sign annual agreements to maintain their air cooling units.

All you require is essential equipment to maintain air conditioners and skilled personnel capable of performing the work. Learning the skills required to repair and maintain air conditioners, particularly split and window models.

47. Rental of motorcycles and scooters.

Small business owners are looking to hire motorbikes and scooters when visiting the city or town.

Renting a two-wheeler can save the user time and provides the convenience of traveling. With just a few dollars, you can start the possibility of a motorcycle and scooter rental company.

There is no need to hurry into purchasing the entire collection of cars. A couple of two-wheelers are sufficient to start with. But, you’ll have to obtain license permits, insurance, and licenses before renting out the vehicles on short-term leases.

48. Background checks for employees

In most countries in India, seeing a significant increase in labor migration, some firms are now relying on employee background checks. They verify information provided by the job seeker through an agency outside of the company.

Checks will verify work experiences and academic qualifications. It is a simple and low-cost company to start.

You’ll need the database of companies that require background checks for employees and computers and a landline phone for this small business concept.

49. Dosa and Idli batter-(Best small-scale business idea in India)

The most important food item for the south Indian populations, Idli and Dosa, are becoming popular across India. But not everyone can cook the batter needed to make these meals.

It is necessary to make a good mix of cereals and rice.

The batter must also be fermented to the proper amount to give a delicious taste, Idli or Dosa.

The packaged Idli and Dosa batter is rapidly becoming popular, with many retailers stocking several boxes to their customers. Making a batter-making facility at home or on the smallest of premises is affordable.

51. Mushroom harvesting

Mushrooms are considered to be a specialty and are sold at fairly expensive prices on the market. They are very healthy as food.

Therefore, the governments of different Indian states offer assistance and facilities to those who want to collect mushrooms. This is an excellent small business opportunity that is low-cost and requires little investment.

Mushroom spores can be purchased through state-run cooperatives and shops. The bulk customers for mushrooms are easily found. It is necessary to construct a greenhouse with a temperature control system to ensure the correct yield.

52. Beauty and skin treatment-(Small business idea for both men and women)

Men are increasingly becoming more conscious. If you are a woman or man adept at providing beauty treatments and skincare, creating a small-scale company offering this service is a good investment.

You can create your treatments to get glowing skin, anti-aging, and facelifts.

The business could also be run from home, provided with enough space and privacy for clients. The use of natural and herbal therapies can help you remain ahead of your competitors.

53. Handicrafts-(Creative small business idea in India)

A low-cost, small-scale business that anyone can begin is to sell and buy handicrafts. Handicrafts are typically created in rural regions.

However, glitzy showrooms have high prices for products, which they generally purchase for a reasonable price.

You, too, can be part of this market by purchasing crafts from various regions around your home and then selling them at affordable prices.

The market for handicrafts remains high since they are also gifted as gifts or used as decorating your office or home.

Extra: Broken glass

As bizarre as it might sound, however, there’s an enormous market for glass that has been broken. There are millions of glass bottles that cannot be reused are being discarded every day in India.

Broken glass fragments are used to construct compound walls for bungalows. They discourage robbers from climbing the wall of the compound for access into the home.

Glass shards can stop snakes, reptiles, and snakes from moving across the walled compound. Beware Handling broken glass is risky and must be done with great diligence.

Extra: Apiary and honey

Here’s a great small-scale business idea that requires no expenditure, provided you own an open plot of land. The idea of setting up an apiary to raise honeybees is not expensive.

There is also a need for basic equipment to remove honey out of honeycombs. Honey made at home is a bargain price.

Royal Jelly, produced for the queen bee, has an expensive price on the market, both from private individuals and medical firms.

Before Investing

Be aware that having enough funds to fund a small company that you like isn’t enough. It is also essential to have the right abilities to ensure its proper running.

Before committing to any venture, it’s recommended to be aware of licensing procedures and other legal requirements.

It is best to establish the legitimacy of your business, as it could aid you in obtaining grants and loans in the future. Additionally, it protects you from legal action.

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