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Online Tutoring Jobs From Home. Are you in search of online job opportunities? There are many online jobs accessible on the internet and you can earn decent cash.

On the other hand, of all those lists, the most simple and accessible job is an instructor online. This is because tutoring online has many advantages over other jobs that are available online.

The great thing about tutoring online is that you can earn the amount you desire and earn more.

Why don’t you pick the most suitable option for you to make decent money in less time with less effort?

Anyone with a good understanding of a subject can become an instructor online. Online tutoring is a dream. It is easy to earn money from investing a few minutes in online tutoring sites.

The most appealing aspect of becoming an instructor online is that you can choose to use it as a part-time earner and as a permanent occupation. Both can be profitable.

What are the reasons to become an Online Tutor?

In this age of technology, many of us do not use our time effectively if we can make our time productive or have learned how to profit from it; nothing more rewarding than this.

Online tutoring is among the newest career choices in the current decade. It does not require a specific profession or a particular level of education.

Some websites might require your academic background, while some need previous experience. However, some websites require only your knowledge in any area, and you are able to begin teaching online.

I’ve listed the two types of sites. Why are you wasting your time? If you haven’t started this year, begin now. In the event that you do not, within several years you’ll be to the side of the road.

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The benefits of being an online tutor

  1. Online tutoring jobs allow flexibility in working hours. (You are able to choose your work time, be it morning or late at night, and you can choose the working hours as well.)
  2. You can instruct from any location and at any time by using laptops and an internet connection.
  3. There are no geographical limits. You can instruct students from all over the world and countries from your house.
  4. Quick, easy and very lucrative when compared with other jobs online.
  5. You can save a lot of time and money travelling.
  6. Ideal for college students or engineering students (to gain freedom from daily pocket cash).
  7. Ideal for homemakers to earn extra money to support the household.
  8. A steady revenue source.
  9. The amount you earn will be contingent on your teaching skills. The more time that you dedicate to teaching, and learning, the higher income you can earn.

How much money can you make by working online as a tutor?

It’s contingent on many aspects, including the subject you are teaching, your teaching hours, etc. Some websites ask for prior teaching experiences, and they pay very well. However, some sites do not require experience.

Suppose you are a newbie in this field or an undergraduate student and are proficient in any particular subject. In that case, you could begin teaching on websites that do not require any experience.

The salaries range can range from INR 100,00 to 100,000 per month (depends on various aspects). Some websites also allow flexibility, allowing you to choose your hourly rate.

Where is the best place to locate an online tutoring job?

I will provide a list of all legitimate websites, both of the kinds I mentioned previously. You can apply directly to these sites.

Some sites employ when there is a need, such as meditation, and on other websites, anyone can teach with a solid understanding of the subject, such as Chegg.

Another thing you can do is. Create an account at for an online tutor. They will notify you of the open positions on online sites.

You’ll need certain things to be a tutor online.

  1. It is recommended that you are passionate about teaching.
  2. You will require an internet connection with good speed and a personal computer or laptop.
  3. You must be able to create video lectures and presentation documents (if you require them).
  4. It will help if you are familiar with web-based programs such as whiteboard, blackboard, digital pen moreover, if you are aware of how to utilize them.
  5. It would be best to have an electronic pen and writing pad (some companies provide it).
  6. You should possess excellent communication abilities.
  7. You must have a solid knowledge of the subject you will be teaching.

Jobs in online tutoring are great for college students and retiring teachers. This is becoming the most popular source of extra income. Professionals working in the field now favour this profession.

How do you become an online tutor?

The procedure for registering is different for different companies online, and they have it listed on their site. Candidates must apply on their websites.

The most commonly used procedure is submitting an original copy of your education certificate and resume. They will be required to take a test or an interview before deciding to hire you. A few of them will also require demonstrations.

It would be best if you chose the subjects you wish to teach and consequently, you’ll be assessed for the topic. You will need to demonstrate your proficiency in the chosen subject.

You may also select multiple subjects to teach using certain websites.

A list of websites that offer tutoring jobs on the internet.

There are a variety of websites that allow the opportunity to become an instructor online. Below is the list of these websites, along with the details of each. Click under the subheadings for the direct link to tutor registration.

1. Chegg

CheggIndia is extremely popular with students and teachers. It is one of the top platforms to are paid to share your expertise. There is no requirement to present any video lectures.

Students ask questions on the site, and you must provide your answers on their blog.

You can pick which one you would like to answer, and you will have to answer the question within the time limit.

You can answer all the questions you like. Earning potential is contingent on what subject you select and the number of questions you answer each month.

The cost per question is much higher for engineering, Computer Science, accounting and finance, management, etc. (approx Rs 168-195 per question).

In addition, for subjects such as Math, English, Chemistry and so on. the cost is less (Rs 75-90 for each question).

It will pay you for every correct answer you submit. For a beginner, you can earn 10,000 dollars per month if they have a habit of solving two problems each day.

Even if you work for a few hours each day, you will earn an adequate amount. The great thing about Chegg is that it pays your salary at the time.

2. MeritNation

The process of Meritnation is unique. It is the top online tutoring company. The teaching method here is via Skype or video calls.

Students targeted are in grades 6-12, and entrance exam preparation students for the entrance exam.

Selection. Meritnation gives you about 600 rupees per hour for teaching. You can teach anywhere and choose what subject you prefer.

You can earn a decent income every month by giving basic schooling to children. The earnings potential with Meritnation is greater.

You can apply for a job on their website directly, or you can contact them to arrange an interview for the job.

3. Vedantu

Vedantu is a very well-known online tutoring website among students. Additionally, the site states that you can earn as much as Rs 25000 per month by working 4 hours a day and 75000+ for the month of full-time work.

Isn’t it cool? is similar to Meritnation Live classes that are one-on-one. It allows you to teach subjects from the 6th-12th grades using any of the boards you choose.

It also provides Math+Science programs, JEE Main & Advanced courses. You can pick the subjects or classes that are of your choice. Earn up to 15000 dollars per month on this site when you are consistent and work a minimum of 2 hours.

You can set your tuition fees, and your earnings will be based on the amount of time you spend on your teaching and how many sessions you can attend during the month.

If you read the testimonials of the tutors at Vedantu, You will discover amazing experiences from the tutors.

4. Vidyalaya

Vidyalaya provides an online tutoring website designed to help students from 8th-12th grade prepare for competitive tests (IIT, NEET etc. ).

It would be best if you took a live, one-on-one instruction via video chat online, and you paid per session. The compensation is not determined on

It is all about your teaching experience and your level of expertise in the subject.

5. Learnpick

This website offers you the option of working on the internet or opt for tuition at home and aid you in finding students.

Sign up on Learnpick. You will need to cover the charges an hour per subject. The program covers subjects starting from the school level up to the competitive exam level.

6. Teamlearn

Teamlearn allows you to teach subjects from CBSE, ICSE or other boards. They also provide engineering classes for all branches. The mode of teaching is via live videos of lectures.

You must apply through the site with your resume. After passing through the specific selection process, you’ll be contacted.

7. Teaching Care

Teaching Care is live online video lessons. You can instruct students from grades 4th to 12th from any school and those who have taken the entrance test.

If you are proficient in English, You can also enrol in specific English classes.

It also provides many other subjects, including accounting job skills, communication English, and many others. If you are good at any field, you can enrol in classes and earn cash.

8. BharatTutors

In this case, the mode of instruction is in the classroom and a private one-to-one live class using an inbuilt whiteboard. The tutors can decide on their fee for each subject and take classes as they are available.

If you are not available during weekdays, it is possible to attend weekends classes. It assists tutors in locating students. Additionally, BharatTutors also assists tutors in promoting their services on different online social networks.

9. (

You can instruct multiple subjects you want to teach using this platform. The teacher provides elementary school job skills, programming languages, engineering branch subjects, communication skills, and more.

There are also assignments on this site where you need to assist students with complete their homework. There you can choose the hourly rate or fees. Additionally, you can instruct on the internet via Skype.

10. CueMath

In this class, you will teach math for KG-8th class children in order to build their foundations solid. It is a unique learning and teaching-learning experience.

The teaching materials will be provided to you at your residence.

The website CueMath utilizes a unique approach to teach children, and they provide instruction and certification. Following that, you will be able to attend classes.

From the comfort of your home, you could earn up to 40000 rupees per month on this site.

11. Trivium Education

Trivium education is quite different from other web-based sites. It only hires skilled and educated tutors.

If you plan to instruct school-aged students, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. To teach college-level students, The minimum requirement is a Masters degree.

It has math, chemistry and physics topics to teach. If you possess a high level of proficiency in these areas, only you will teach.

Once you have applied, you will have to submit a subject test and then an interactive class taught by an expert. Once you have passed the test, you must take the English speed test for typing.

If you pass the test, they will give you training for 15 days. You will then be required to take a telephonic test and give a demonstration lecture.

The process for gaining employment at Trivium is not easy. However, the compensation is significantly more lucrative. You could earn as much as 40000 INR per hour of work.

12. Udemy

This differs from other tutoring sites online I mentioned previously. You must create a video or course and upload your course to Udemy. If someone purchases your course, then you only get cash.

The benefit is that it is an investment that is only once. If people like the video, they will continue to buy it in the future and, with one course, you could earn a decent income in the future.

You must make sure you produce high-quality content. The amount you earn through Udemy is contingent upon the kind, of course, you’ve developed.

You can design courses that cover all kinds of subjects, including, Digital Marketing, Programming Languages, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills and Mathematics, etc.

It allows you to pick your topic or any topic to make videos. You can decide on the cost of your program.

Find out online what topic is most popular or the courses most students have been enrolled in. Create valuable content in the same area and make more money through Udemy.


There is a way to teach students online. This platform also gives the marketplace for tutors, which allows them to sell their notes and books to students, and earn an additional income.

You will need to teach fundamental school-level subjects to your students. You may also assist students in completing their homework assignments and assignments.

14. Unacademy

Unacademy can be described as an online platform that lets you instruct students through videos for a lecture series. You can choose any topic in any field and create a series of videos.

It is not necessary to attend live classes. You can prepare a PowerPoint presentation and instruct students. It is more about the passion for teaching.

The process for becoming an online teacher is simple. With their application, you will be required to upload a sample lecture; within a few hours, you will receive approval and be listed as an instructor.

The compensation is not high; however, the videos you upload on this site can be used to gain experience on other sites. (you must download the ‘unacademy tutor app’ to be an instructor to be a tutor on Unacademy).

The majority of websites I have mentioned above are from India. Many websites in the world offer a good pay rate for online tutoring positions. However, the process of applying is long and complicated.

I would suggest you consider these websites if you have a good track record with online teaching. If you have experience, you will earn more from these sites.

They require more time to confirm the status of the online tutor. Some of the US/UK-based well-known online tutoring websites include:

All tutoring sites online, I have listed them all in one spot. The top of the list is yet to be added. This is it:

The cherry on top is ENGLISH.

Below, I have listed the websites to earn handsome cash by giving your students English or any other language.

English is among the top sought-after ever spoken language. The style and enthusiasm of the language will not fade away.

The people of India or other nations in which English is not the main language (like China, Japan, Korea) face difficulties when it comes to learning foreign languages.

They seek teachers from all around the globe with a good command of English and proficiency in English.

You can easily be employed when you are proficient in this or another foreign language.

I have also included an Indian website, Ufaber, which allows you to tutor the English language or even enrol in speaking English classes.


TheFluentLife is an India established India by IIT entrepreneurs. They’ll provide you with teaching materials, and you will be required to participate in live video lessons one-on-one through Skype as well as Zoom video calls.

Even if your student at a college, you can instruct others.

You can instruct Spoken English and business communication, and more. They also have a website named Ufaber, where you can instruct competitive exam classes such as Gate, UPSC and IELTS.

Contact them by phone or email them to ask for an instructor.

16. Italki

Italki Italki is a a HongKong located company based in Hong Kong. It is English, but you can also teach a foreign language using Italki if you have a strong knowledge of any language.

The most appealing aspect of this site is that it allows you to instruct the Hindi language to your students.

You will need to make an online profile that outlines your introduction and your knowledge of the subject you would like to teach. Based on this, students choose you to be their tutor. The students will pay you per session.

17. Fluency

Fluency is distinct from others. Since it only requires two years of teaching experience and the English language (TEFL Certificate).

If you can do this ability, you may apply on this website as its compensation is much higher than other websites. Being a tutor on this site is not difficult at all.

18. Reply

At PrePly, you can learn English, Hindi and other foreign languages. The website does not require prior experience in teaching any language.

You will need to make a video profile that will include information about you, your education qualifications and proficiency in the language, etc., and then upload it to the website.

They will rate your film. On Preply, they also allow users to instruct Math Computer, Computer, and various other areas.

However, it is mostly popular for its online language learning classes.

19. VIP kids

VIP Kids is a Chinese-owned company. It is possible to teach spoken English or elementary school grade levels of English to Chinese students.

After you have submitted your application, you must take the interview or test, and if there is a vacancy, they will select you.

These five websites I’ve mentioned are very lucrative, and they’re very authentic. You can earn as much as 40000 rupees with these websites in just a couple of hours.

With these websites, anyone can transform their passion into an occupation and turn the time they spend on leisure into a lucrative one. Do not sit around and earn a living.

If you have any suggestions other than these or related to the websites you are on; Please let us know. Spread this useful information to many more people to ensure that everyone is benefited from online tutoring opportunities.

Thank You.

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