10 Best Online Money Transfer Apps & e-Wallets in India

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Best Online Money Transfer Apps.There was an era when money transfers from one place to the next required standing in long post office lines, waiting patiently for your turn until you got to the cashier only to find yourself confronted with a myriad of paperwork to fill in.

The internet and technology helped us out and provided us with a speedy, reliable and secure alternative such as money transfer apps or, more simply, electronic wallets.

Today, sending cash to any person in India (and overseas) can be accomplished in just a few minutes at the convenience of the office or home by using these applications.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 10 top applications for money transfer in India that you can make use of for sending money to close and beloved ones during times of need, with the most minimal effort.

List of Best Money Transfer Apps in India

Although there is a myriad of top e-wallets available in India, These 10 are the most frequently used online wallets used in India.

1. Paytm

With, more than 150 million users across India, Paytm is easily the nation’s most prominent digital payment gateway and, in my opinion, one of the top money transfer apps in India.

It provides a wide range of payment services that allow merchants and customers. Customers can make seamless payments through the App for banks, credit/debit cards, and digital credit, among other things.

Paytm is among the most popular online shopping websites.

Paytm is an app that allows users to pay utility bills online. Paytm application also lets the users transfer funds from their digital wallets into an account at banks (and reverse) and make online payments to pay for various services such as utility bills paying for recharges for mobiles DTH, as well as online shopping.

2. Mobikwik

It is available for use at more than 2,50 000 offline and online avenues; Mobikwik is yet another free digital wallet application for money transfers in India.

Super-secure, with all the money in your electronic wallet being kept in the bank, the MobiKwik App works across Android, Windows, and iOS.

Apart from money transfers, the App can be used to also make payments for your EMI payments, purchase a mobile recharge, buy train or bus tickets and pay for your bills for gas, electricity, or DTH on the internet.

In addition, it offers top cashback and discounts, which allows us to save money.

3. Phone Pe

From UPI transactions to recharges for mobile or DTH transfer money to make online payments for bills, You can do all and more by using the PhonePe application.

Registered users can send and receive cash from their relatives and friends and make transactions as much as INR 1 lakh in transactions (24*7) Anytime, any time, from anywhere, using this App for cash transfers.

You can also check the balance on your account, make beneficiaries and manage several bank accounts and receive cash back and refunds to your bank account at a moment’s notice.

4. FreeCharge

Another money transfer app online that is accessible to users in India can be found at Freecharge.

FreeCharge customers can pay their utility bills, pay for recharges on metro/mobiles and Google Play recharges, invest in mutual funds, and make donations to charities online.

They can also transfer and pay money instantly by creating the BHIM UPI ID and connect their bank account to participate in the ease of instant money transfer.

The App lets users purchase great discount coupons for all of their favorite brands for only Rs1.

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5. Airtel Money

As the first payment bank in India to integrate UPI through its platform for digital transactions, Airtel Money can facilitate immediate fund transfers between two accounts on their mobile platforms.

All you require is a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) and MPIN for the transaction. There is no need to divulging the account details of the beneficiary.

You can also set up VPAs and connect the bank account of your choice to it through The My Airtel App and further personalize the account by adding your name and phone number.

6. Jio Money

Jio Money is a smart money app that gives users to enjoy all the advantages of cash without any restrictions.

It’s an easy application for money transfers that will allow you to pay from any location and at any moment.

By using this application, you can transfer the funds stored in Jio Money to other accounts. Jio Money wallet to other Jio Money users and bank accounts, too.

Additionally, you’ll be able to benefit from some great coupons, discounts, and offers from the top brands, pay your bills and recharge your mobile/DTH, and enjoy shopping at your local stores.

7. Ola Money

The App is billed as India’s most straightforward, fastest, safest, and most secure money transfer application; Ola Money claims to offer users a completely new experience for users and quick access to all their day-to-day requirements.

This is a feature that lets you pay your loved ones at any time, from anywhere, simply by pressing the App. You can even transfer Ola Money from your mobile wallet to your bank account.

Through Ola Money, your just one mouse click away from paying your mobile recharges prepaid with a credit card as well as postpaid gas/power/mobile bills, and of course, the cost for the Ola taxi you have just booked.

8. PayPal India

The Indian subsidiary of the world’s most renowned and extensively used digital payments platform, PayPal India, allows registered users to accept and make payments within India and abroad.

All you have to do is sign-up on the site and then link to your PayPal account with your chosen bank account, and you’re ready to go. You can transfer money through PayPal India to your PayPal India account to your bank account within the quick blink of an eye.

All transactions with monetary value made through PayPal are secure and secured with advanced encryption and 24-hour fraud monitoring, but without divulging your financial details.

9. Buddy (By SBI)

It’s one of the first Indian electronic mobile wallets to be supported by 13 languages.

It also comes with unique features such as Paying new and registered users, requesting money, and sending reminders to pay charges.

Additionally, you can add additional funds to any account they choose at no cost.

It’s not to mention the regular benefits such as charging and paying your bills in a flash, booking flight tickets or movie tickets, and purchasing your favorite items online.

10. PayZapp

It was created through HDFC Bank, one of the biggest private sector banks in the nation.

With PayZapp, it is possible to transfer money to anyone on your contacts list or direct credit the money into your account at a bank.

You can also connect your credit and debit cards (from every bank) to this application to make secure and instant payments for your DTH/data plan, purchase cinema tickets, buy groceries, and book tickets to flights or hotel accommodations.

In addition, you can shop online and avail of huge discounts on SmartBuy, the HDFC bank’s e-commerce platform that has a variety of physical and digital goods.

In Conclusion

With so many safe applications available, transferring your hard-earned money should be simple for you today.

Remember, each of these online money transfer applications is equipped with the most advanced security protocols for each step of each financial transaction you make, So you can sleep at ease knowing that your funds are secure every time.

Decide to make your choice. Don’t forget to tell us what you think of it.


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