10 All-Time NON Technical Interview Questions & Answers for a Fresher Job

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If you’re a recent graduate seeking an employment opportunity, you should be asked the following ten non technical Interview  questions and technical questions.

Alongside the questions, I’ve provided the answers you must provide to the HR person conducting any interviews.

Typically, these are the ten most common interview questions, and the answers an applicant who is fresh would be asked.

Let’s take a look in greater detail.

1 Tell Me Something About Yourself?

This is the first one you’ll meet. HR Manager will require you to provide an introduction to yourself. They’d like to learn about you as much as they can. This isn’t just for the newbie but also for seasoned candidates.


I’m sure you have the answer. You must give the best introduction you can about yourself. Keep in mind that the longer your introduction is, the better. It is essential to answer in such a manner that there is no question left to inquire about. Be patient when you introduce yourself.

2. Why are You Motivated to apply for this job?

The next question HR will ask you. They would like to know why they are interested in this particular position. Why aren’t you interested in a different job? HR seeks to find see the answer to this question.


It is possible to explain to him that working on this particular job was my goal. I was prepared to work for this position. It is essential to give a persuasive response. Do not say that you are interested in this job to earn some cash.

3. Do You Have Any Prior Work Experience?

The third question you may be asked is, what is how long you have worked? This is highly annoying as a new employee would not have any experience in the workplace; however, HR will inquire about this. This question is asked deliberately even though they realize that you’re a new employee without any work experience.


You must convince your HR manager that even though you aren’t experienced, you can master quickly and deliver results like someone who has experience. In general, employers do not prefer newer candidates; they prefer experienced ones only. It would help if you convinced them that you’re not less experienced than a professional.

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4. What is your salary Expectation?

This question is often asked at the end of an interview; you’ll be asked about this in the future. HR wants to know about your salary expectations, and you have to respond to this question thoughtfully.


It is your responsibility to determine which is the most appropriate. Don’t get too excited and request a wage that you don’t deserve. It is best to give a figure the industry is offering to other people currently. The number you provide should sound reasonable to HR.

5. How Long Would You Work Here?

This is an essential concern for you and the organization where you will be working to be employed. The company wants to know for how long the recruit is expected to be working. After providing proper training to the new employee, they must work at least four to five years. In the event of a failure, the company would be at an enormous loss. What do you think you can do to answer this question?


Well! Do not tell people that you’re going to work to earn pocket money. Instead, you will work for several months, make some cash, and then leave the company. Could you not do it? HR will not consider your application for a job. Therefore, you must show that you’re serious about your work and are willing to work for a longer and assist the companies in increasing its growth. Although you might want to quit in a few months, could you not show your feelings about it?

6. Where’s your put-up?

This is a very fundamental question, where are you located? HR would want to know if you live far away from the workplace; it could be challenging to get there every day.


Answer the question truthfully and tell the truth about the place you reside. If you live in a remote area from your workplace, you need to prove that you’ll be able to get to work with no difficulty.

7. Do You Have any Health Problem?

This is also important to the company. If your health isn’t healthy, you may be forced to leave, and the business’s productivity and profits could be affected. So, to check your background, they may ask you this question.


If you do have a medical issue, don’t notify them of it. Do not inform the HR department that you are suffering from a medical problem, instead say that you’re in good health and can work at whatever time you want.

8. Who else is part of Your Family?

HR could be interested in learning more about your past experiences. They’d like to know if you are a member of your family or are in a group of friends. Applicants usually ask this question for a new job.


Answer honestly because there’s no reason to conceal. If you have family members and you are a member, tell them that you live with acquaintances.

9. What Project or Assignment you did in the Final Year of Your Course?

This query is likely to be connected to the academics you have completed. HR will be keen to know the details of the assignment or project you will be required to complete in your final year of the college experience.


Make sure you are prepared to answer the answer. You can explain him in detail. You can gather documents and other items to prove that you worked on this and that task.

10. Where do you See Yourself in the Next 5 to 10 Years?

This is the last question HR poses, who will ask you where you see yourself in 5-10 years. They want to know what you’re planning shortly.


You can say that you’re at the upper level of the organization as the business CEO in the coming ten years. It is essential to say that this is the direction I’m aiming for right. Currently, the rest I leave to the gods.

Here are ten non-technical commonly asked questions for an interview and their answers that freshers could answer in an interview. It is possible to prepare the best solutions to these questions before you go.

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