14 Best Money Earning Games in India

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Best money earning games in india. Are you aware of the fact that Tetris was the first mobile game to be released in 1994? It was a huge hit, and people began to love games on mobiles ever after. As time went by, the number of mobile games grew and improved.

Mobile games went through several transformations over time. Mobile games are a standard in the present, from games with pixelated graphics to ones that exceed 1GB in size and more.

Mobile games can be a fantastic source of excitement and fun without a doubt. Did you know you can earn money playing games simultaneously? You were exactly. This article will provide you with information about the 14 most popular and legitimate income-generating games.

Learn more to discover the best way to do it!

4 Amazing Benefits of Playing Games

The daily gameplay can be beneficial to you in many ways. It’s no secret that games are addictive; however, they can also keep you entertained. Games can boost your brain’s activities and speed the speed of problem-solving.

When you play games, your brain releases serotonin (the hormone of happiness) and keeps you engaged.

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of playing games.

1. Entertainment

It’s an obvious fact. Gaming is a great way to have fun and also have fun. It’s a good escape from the monotonous and boring existence that we all live right today.

2. Improves Brain Focus

Gaming on mobile devices is an exercise for your brain. Players who play for at least 30 minutes a day tend to enjoy more efficient brain processing and focus than those who do not. The increased focus of the brain can benefit players in a variety of ways.

3. Induces Thrill

Gaming also creates excitement. These are usually the race games. When you play a video game, do you notice that your pulse increased?

It’s because of a rise in the Adrenaline hormone. Adrenaline is known as the “fight and flight” hormone responsible for creating excitement and enjoyment.

4. Improves Problem-solving

The games you play make your brain more creative and flexible. Additionally, it enhances brain activity which helps in solving problems.

14 Best Money Earning Games:

Within the Playstore or the App Store, you will discover various games boasting the ability to pay cash once you install them and play them.

However, let’s face it, there are a few games that don’t meet the requirements. Many of these games are money heists that include many advertisements.

Don’t fret. You’ll find this list of fourteen legitimate games you can play throughout the day, and at any time you’d like to earn some money.

Explore these games and play these games to get the most out of your time. Please take a look at all the fun and install them to try these games.

Note that all of these programs (except Dream11) are available through the Play Store. The different features of these apps have been derived from the Google Play Store. You can download them through the App Store, too.

1. Dream11

Rating: unavailable

Downloads: 90M+

Game type: fantasy gaming

If you’re a cricket enthusiast or even don’t, you’ve probably been familiar with the name. Dream 11 is a fantasy game developed by Dream Sports.

It is the largest platform in India in the field of fantasy gaming. In August of 2020, Dream sports got the sponsorship agreement for the IPL with a price of Rs.222 crore.

The Dream11 application isn’t available on the Google Play store. You must download it via the official Dream11 website.

After installing the application, you can start playing a fantasy football league. You can choose your team, assign the captain/vice-captain, and participate in different companies. It’s all yours to decide.

You can create five teams per game. The amount you win is contingent on the performance of your players.

It is necessary to pay an entry fee to be able to play at the table. This is how you could earn as much as 35 lacs per day. Thirty-five lacs per day if you’re fortunate enough.

2. Rummy circle

Rating- 4.1/5

Size: 32MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Game type: Rummy

Rummy Circle also is a well-known rummy platform. It is among the most successful applications for Rummy. In this game, you can earn cash by playing games with android. It’s a great app for Android players.

The greatest aspect of this app is that you earn chips for free every hour. The game can be played as a couple or with groups of five people.

As you may have guessed, Rummy is all about luck – occasionally, you win, but at times you lose.

However, it’s an excellent method to make some quick cash.

3. 8Ball Pool

Rating- 4.4/5

Size: 57MB

Total downloads: 500M+

Game type: billiards

8Ball Pool can be described as an internet-based game that earns you money. It has a huge following worldwide because it can make money by playing games on the internet. This is why it is rated highly and is the Editors choice.

Download the app, and register to play the game of billiards. The game can be played in a variety of ways. You can play as an entire team or alone.

It’s the best game of pool played around the globe. In this game, you can earn money as well. It’s just a matter of paying fees for entry. If that you are successful, you could also win cash.

The entry cost is as small as 5 rupees. 5 only.

4. Qureka

Rating- 4.1/5

Size: 13MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Game type: quiz trivia

Qureka is a game for quizzes application. You can earn money playing games simultaneously. Qureka app is full of daily and weekly competitions as well as quizzes. There, you can test your skills and knowledge, and earn money back.

Participate in weekly mega quizzes and earn up to 25000 rupees. 25000.

Qureka hosts three kinds of quizzes- live shows and play quizzes on an hourly basis and plays cricket-related quizzes.

You can also utilize this app to prepare yourself for examinations that require competitive skills like UPSC, SSC, Bank, and more.

This app can hit two targets at once with the same Arrow.

5. Ace2three

Rating- 3.6/5

Size: 17MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Game type: card game

Ace2three is among the top Indian apps that let users play Rummy and win massive amounts of cash.

Ace2three is the most popular software for rummy players. You need an ounce of intelligence and lots of luck.

You can play as pairs or in groups of six. When you start, you will receive 5000 chips free. You can play with them to earn money playing games for free without investing.

If you keep playing it, you will earn exciting rewards. You can then use them to purchase more chips and earn cash by playing games and testing your luck once more.

6. Roz Dhan

Rating- 4.1/5

Size: 13MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Game type: a combination of various games

It is also the sole game application on this list that you earn money playing games, and only after installing the app. After installing it, you’ll earn 50 Rs directly in your bank account.

The app will also reward you for using the app regularly.

In Roz Dhan Roz Dhan, you can make a possibility to earn money through playing games, doing different activities, reading your horoscopes, and reading, browsing news and other websites. In the end, it’s an app that rewards you each time you finish various tasks.

You can transfer the funds through Paytm.

You could as well invite friends and family members to join you to win additional cash.

7. Bubble Burst

Rating: 4.1/5

Size: 77MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Game type: puzzle/ offline game

This is the only offline game that earns money that is on this list. It’s a type of puzzle game in which you have to deal with bubbles. It’s a free application that pays you when you advance and win games. You can withdraw your winnings via PayPal.

You can also earn money through participating in sweepstakes competitions, contests (a form of gambling), or giveaways.

8. Brain Battle

Rating: 4.3/5

Size: 55MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Game type: challenge game

Brain Battle is an educational application that can earn you money as well. It is also possible to play the game offline. It’s a one-player game, which means you don’t need to wait for the other players to be online.

You could win challenges and then use the winnings to be a part of lucky draws. If you are fortunate enough to win the draw, you could make real money.

9. Cash, Inc. Fame and Fortune Game

Rating: 4.6/5

Size: 80MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Game type: spin and win

It is also the Editors’ Choice app. It is possible to determine the authenticity of this app based on its scores. The game is of spinning, tapping.

You must play the part of a businessperson. All you need to keep tapping. This is the only way to keep your business above water.

The longer your company is running, the better you’ll earn rewards for it.

If you’re looking to get into the business of tapping, You should test this application.

10. Make Money- Free Cash Rewards

Rating: 4.7/5

Size: 26MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Game type: random games

Earn Money for Free Cash Rewards can be described as a rewards application. It lets you earn money playing games, exploring new apps, and playing with these apps. Most of these games are online money-making games in which you can make money by playing online games.

You can also finish various assignments to accumulate credits. These credits can be converted into cash using PayPal, the most popular payment app.

You can also enhance your earrings through an affiliate program. All you need to do is to recommend this app to family and friends. You’ll be rewarded with a certain amount.

It’s a great method to transform your idle time into productive.

11. Lucky day

Rating: 4.0/5

Size: 56MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Game type: casino

Lucky Day is one of the top online cash winning games, and it’s a free application that lets you bet on casino games and win an impressive amount of cash. The name alone is enough to warrant the application. You can make any day a happy day by using this application.

In this game, you earn money by making a profit from scratch cards.

Join the draw to test at your chance.

You can use your winning cash through PayPal. It is also possible to receive vouchers from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more in addition to money.

12. Moneytree

Rating: 4.1/5

Size: 45MB

Total downloads: 10M+

Game type: logic game

In the Moneytree app, you need to participate in the game by cultivating the money tree. You must take care of the tree and take care of it.

It is possible to hire people to take care of your tree and care for it as well. To keep your tree in shape, you can purchase other items such as fertilizers or tools.

You can also buy some things as you put your money into them.

13. Cash games with real cash

Rating: 3.8/5

Size: 7.2MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Game type: a combination of various games

The app is among the most popular Paytm cash earn games, with over 1000 games. There is an array of games (to be truthful, lots of choices). You can have fun lots and earn money through playing games.

There are also chances to win unexpected gifts and cash-outs through Paytm. In addition, it’s less than 10MB, which means it won’t take up large amounts of storage.

There is no need to put the money you earn here. Instead, you can use the cash you win through this app to purchase tickets. These tickets will also allow you to win exciting prizes such as mobile phones.

14. Solitaire – earn money for free and play the game of cards.

Rating: 4.1/5

Size: 114MB

Total downloads: 1M+

Game type: card game

Let your hands rise if you’ve been playing Solitaire on your smartphone or your computer. It’s so addictive. But what is it if you can earn cash by playing Solitaire? You can! You can!

The app is also among the most popular online cash-winning games that allow you to make some cash. All you require is a basic understanding of 52 cards, and you’re ready to start!

If you haven’t played the solitaire game before, it is possible to start by using this application.


With these legitimate games, Now you are aware of how to earn money. It is ideal for those who want to make money playing games and those who do not. Who wouldn’t want enjoyment and also earn cash?

But, be aware that certain games mentioned above depend on chance. Be cautious when playing these games since they are based on probabilities.

It is necessary to pay fees before playing these games. If you lose, you forfeit the money. So, be careful when betting and games at casinos. In addition, it is possible to make use of the majority of applications.

Remember that your most precious resource is time. The majority of people spend it on unnecessary things. Don’t make the same mistake. If you’re investing your time and energy in something, ensure it earns you money.

You can play these games from peace at your own home and earn money during your spare time.


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