25 Most Important Extra Curricular Activities for Student’s Development

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Extra Curricular Activities. In the past in the past, extracurricular activities were the only way to entertain yourself. High-tech devices like fancy LED televisions, smartphones, computers, and laptops did not exist when I was a student. Every extracurricular event I participated in during my time as a student has helped me to this day in my everyday life.

Unfortunately, extracurricular programs for kids are becoming put on the back burner because of our inactive lifestyles. This can be dangerous as a sedentary lifestyle could cause a severe and adverse effect on both mental and physical health.

Suppose you want to live an active lifestyle and master essential skills. It may be challenging to select an extracurricular pursuit that is a good match for your desires and you’re age. In that case, I suggest exploring some of the best co-curricular activities.

Therefore, I have put together the top 25 extracurricular activities for college students. Your college or university may offer sure of these.

Topmost Extracurricular Activities

These five extracurricular activities for students I’ve listed are among the best. They can help you shape the entirety of your character and expand your knowledge.

In addition, you’ll get additional marks for extracurricular pursuits on the effects of your Secondary School Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate score sheets.

National Cadet Corps

I consider NCC as an essential extracurricular activity for each student in school. National Cadet Corps National Cadet Corps is open to any male or female student older than 13 years. 

NCC has two divisions: Junior for students in school and Senior-for college students.

As an NCC cadet, you will learn to stay safe, discipline including camping, self, and general hygiene, delivering first aid, crowd management, and other essential abilities. This kind of co-curricular program is beneficial in developing the vital life skills every person should possess throughout their lives.

Girl Scouts and Girl Guides

Girl Scouts and Girl Guides is a tremendous co-curricular program provided by schools. Suppose you are a Girl Scout as well as a Girl Guide. In that case, you’ll be part of an international community that comprises 10 million female students from 150 countries.

You’ll learn crucial skills like leadership and gain a greater understanding of yourself and other people. Girls Scouts and Girl Guides acquire public speaking and organization abilities that will allow them to live their lives to achieve leadership positions in the workplace and business.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts is an extracurricular event that your school may offer. As a Boy Scout, you belong to the world community of 40 million pupils spread across 170 nations.

It helps you be a responsible citizen and skilled leader by teaching you the skills that aren’t taught in school. It is a chance to participate in jamborees, camps, and other events in your own country or other countries.

Amateur Radio

If you’re 12 years old or older, you can apply for the Amateur Radio license from the Ministry of Communications. You’ll need to pass a test for the permit issued by the Ministry of Communications’ Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) Wing.

Several prestigious universities like the Indian Institute of Technology have their amateur radio clubs. It is also known as Ham radio. Once you have a license, you will talk on the radio with fellow hobbyists across the globe.

You’ll be able to go to areas affected by disasters to establish communication and assist with providing relief and assistance for victims.

National Service Scheme

This extracurricular endeavor is known as National Social Service and will be accessible from your college or school. NSS is about volunteering to participate in various educational and exciting activities.

It can help with your character improvement by being involved in activities that support the community. This extracurricular event is arranged through the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Extracurricular Activities for Fun & General Knowledge

Learn and enjoy yourself simultaneously by participating in 5 extracurricular pursuits. General knowledge is an enormous and unfathomable area. It is impossible to master all there is to know. However, you can get many valuable experiences through these four extracurricular pursuits.

Pen Friends

It is possible that you have not been aware of pen-friendship or participated in this extracurricular event. It is writing letters with pen and paper and sending them to an unknown person from a distant nation via postal mail.

It sounds old-fashioned and snarky considering that we are living in the age of email and Facebook. Yet this ancient pastime is alive today, and some schools have it on their lists of additional-curricular events. Pen-friendship is a great way to learn about foreign cultures and expands your knowledge.

It is also the best method to develop your communication and interpersonal skills since they play a crucial part in the pupil’s overall development.


Philately is a hobby that involves collecting postage stamps as well as other postal materials. Several institutions in India have clubs of philatelic interest where students exhibit and exchange stamps with other collectors. You could also establish an organization in your school with guidance from teachers.

The collection of stamps can enhance your knowledge of the world. Many people are unaware of this fact. Stamp collecting can help you earn some money.

Numismatics & Notaphily

Numismatics and Notaphily is the practice of collecting currency and coins notes. Some clubs specialize in this extracurricular pursuit at a few colleges and schools in India. This activity also improves your knowledge base tremendously.

General Knowledge and Quiz Contests

There are many quiz contests at your college, school as well as online in your local area. Certain radio stations from India also run quiz contests that require you to join in and answer questions to win prizes.

It’s one of the best ways to learn general knowledge. Taking part in quiz contests can lead to certificates that you can use in applications for jobs after completing your education.

Also, take a look at television shows with quiz contests. Students must enroll in particular quiz contests such as Limca Show of Book Records, TCS IT WizTimes of India NIE Quiz, RBI Quiz, CBSE Heritage Quiz, and numerous others.

Extracurricular Activities for a Maths lover

Many students dislike maths as a subject since it requires complex mathematical calculations and formulas. However, it is possible to learn this as an after-school endeavor and apply the skills to pass the college and school exams and get through entrance tests.

Math Clubs

Having a solid mathematical background is essential if you’re thinking of working in engineering or other professions. You can develop high-quality skills by joining a top maths club.

There are various math clubs that you can join on the Internet, such as All India Ramanujan Maths Club(AIRMS) and Indian Mathematical Society. Additionally, your college or school may have one.


Sudoku is a game where you must use your brain to place numbers. It’s a great leisure game that will keep you entertained. There are a variety of Sudoku organizations in India which you can join. An account.

These days, magazines and newspapers include a Sudoku puzzle every day that you can work on in your spare time. Sudoku online puzzles or Sudoku publications are readily available.

Number Games

There are a wide variety of games online. There are math-related games for students of all ages- from pre-schoolers to senior citizens. The game of numbers is the most popular extracurricular activity for those who want to develop their math skills.

Extracurricular Activities for Mental Power

When I was a student, I had much trouble remembering what I learned at college and school. It is important to remember what you learned in college or at school because it’s accurate information. Instead of memorizing your lessons, boost your memory and earn high marks.

Memory Games

Memory games can help you improve your mental capacity. Most teachers play memory games during their idle time. It is also possible to participate in memory games with friends and friends outside of school hours. This involves all participants writing down the names of places, animals items, and things.

Chess Clubs

Focus and concentration can be improved achievable by playing Chess. It is an extracurricular sport that might be offered in your institution. In addition, you can join chess clubs within your area and take part in tournaments.

The certificates from competitions can be valuable when applying for positions. One of India’s most renowned Chess clubs is the Alekhine Chess Club that interested students can sign up for in the future.

Yoga and Meditation

Following that, the United Nations declared June 21 as International Yoga Day. Several schools are offering classes that instruct Yoga and meditation for students. Participate in these classes as Yoga and meditation are highly beneficial to overall physical and mental health.

Continuous exercise increases the concentration of students as well since the mind is trained to concentrate and remember better. To learn more about the advantages of Yoga, it is possible to read this article about how Yoga can increase productivity.

Extracurricular Activities for Spoken and Written English

India isn’t a native English-speaking nation, even though it is spoken widely in the country. Although English is taught in schools, there are specific difficulties in using the language. You can build excellent spoken and written English schools by taking part in extracurricular activities.


Toastmasters are a worldwide club that assists people in developing their leadership and speaking skills. I suggest you find and join the Toastmasters group in your region. Also, you can get certificates from Toastmasters that can help you later on.

Essay Writing

Writing essays is an integral part of your school curriculum as well as a co-curricular task. However, you can take it further as an extracurricular exercise by joining writing clubs for essays. It can help you build excellent vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation abilities in English writing.

Story Telling Competitions

Schools also hold storytelling competitions as part of their co-curricular activities. You can also make it an extracurricular activity. Many clubs organize storytelling competitions. You’ll also need to create your own short stories.

Writing short stories can increase and expand your creative side. Students enthusiastic about storytelling can continue to improve their skills and begin their careers in blogging or writing content. 

Debate Clubs

Generally speaking, the top colleges in India have debate clubs that are run in India. They are engaging as a variety of topics are discussed among students.

Debate helps you gain insight into the various topics. It helps develop essential skills for professional growth, including expressing your views without causing offense or harm to other people. It also aids in developing English speaking skills and overcome the fear of being shy and stage-fright.

School/ College Magazine

As a reporter, sub-editor, or contributor to your school’s or college magazine. It is also possible to propose launching an online publication for teachers and students and encourage your peers to participate. It can help you develop English proficiency and be helpful if you are looking to get into the media industry.

Extracurricular Activities for Science Skills

Technology and science undergo rapid change. This is why it is important to stay on top of the most recent developments in these areas. Engaging in science-related extracurricular activities can help you get high marks and qualify for entrance tests for professional courses like engineering.

Science Clubs

If your college or school is home to a science group, it is also possible to join an outside club. Numerous online scientific clubs that are suited to your interests are readily available. You can carry out experiments or be part of group projects.

There are numerous Science clubs throughout India, such as Vigyan PrasarScience Society which students are encouraged to join at the beginning of their life.

Astronomy Clubs

Stargazing is a great activity. Join an astronomy club and understand the movements of stars and planets, learn more about galaxies, and discover the hidden beauty of space.

There are many clubs for astronomy in India. If you are lucky, you could discover a planet that is inhabited.

Extracurricular Activities to help with Fitness and sports

I’m mentioning activities related to Fitness and sports as extracurricular activities at the bottom of this post to highlight a single reason: You must incorporate sports into other extracurricular activities to be successful in your life as a student and as a professional.

In addition, it guarantees your physical health. These certificates are highly beneficial when applying for jobs because they show that you can endure and are an effective team player.


It is no surprise that cricket is among the loved game played in India. While your school might offer cricket as a sport, I suggest you take it further and join an organization. Cricket can open opportunities to great careers and riches.


Since the introduction of the Indian Super League, soccer or football in India has grown in popularity. It is also an integral school sport. You can still be professionally trained and play for clubs that have appropriate teams for your age.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts can be an exercise and a type of self-defense. Today, it is important to protect yourself and your family from the scourge of criminals and nefarious individuals. I recommend all girls to take up martial arts so that they can ensure their safety.

The critical role of extracurricular activities

Activities for extracurricular students are vital for students. The reason is that the majority of students live life in a sedentary way. Many factors contribute to the low enthusiasm for extracurricular activities among students and the resulting inactive lives.

Reasons for Sedentary Lifestyle of Students

The issue of inactive lifestyles is not exclusive to urban centers. Students from rural areas are also affected. The main reasons that cause a lack of interest in extracurricular activities and the resulting unhealthy lifestyles are technological advancements.

  • Widespread use of smartphones by students to play games and for entertainment has been triggered by an increase in disposable income for parents who work.
  • Easy access to computers and high-speed Internet is also a must for entertainment, gaming, and social media networks.
  • The parents overemphasize their studies to ensure that their children receive top marks.
  • The race to get admission to professional schools, forcing students to study for entrance tests in their spare time.
  • The “mall culture” is a significant reason students spend more time in food courts and malls with no results.
  • The availability of 24/7 TV channels.
  • Couples who work together are unable to monitor how their children spend their time effectively.
  • The lowering of taboos about drinking alcohol in students over 18 years old age.

Final Thoughts

The list of co-curricular activities is never-ending, and there is a myriad of extracurricular activities that you can pick from. Please let us know if you come up with a different interesting co-curricular event that we haven’t left out in the comments section below.

In closing, I would like to emphasize that extracurricular activities could be the most important factor determining your successes and failures as a student and later in the real world. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the Indian education system does not place much emphasis on the innate or natural abilities of students.

This means that you might not get sufficient opportunities to develop your skills only through high school or college courses. Extracurricular activities for students can help in bridging the space between school and intrinsic abilities.

Today, employers are increasingly looking at the activities of cocurricular students and the achievements on the CVs of job seekers. Students involved with more than one additional-curricular activity also do well in their academics and build strong personalities.

Therefore, I suggest you participate in at least one or two of these pursuits for students. It will not only build the overall character of an individual, but the inclusion of extracurricular activities on your resume can also improve your resume.

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