How to Prepare for GRE Exam: Complete Guide

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How to prepare for GRE exam? Each student who wants to get an education in top colleges and universities globally and India needs a high GRE score. However, most students are unaware of the two kinds of GRE tests and how to prepare for the tests.

This comprehensive guide will give full details on the different types of GRE tests and prepare for the GRE.

So, let’s start by learning why GRE tests are essential and what they are about.

Understanding GRE

The complete version for GRE refers to Graduate Record Examinations. All over the world, GRE tests are administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Since 1936, universities worldwide have been employing GRE to ensure that those with the appropriate ability have seats in the program they want to pursue.

GRE isn’t an obligatory test for all colleges or universities. If, however, you’re thinking of studying abroad, particularly in the US or Canada, a university will most likely require a GRE test score in addition to the admissions documents.

Two distinct types of GRE tests are General and Subject. The majority of educational institutions require scores on any of the two GRE tests.

But, you may be required to submit scores from GRE General and GRE Subject tests in some instances to gain admission to highly specialized classes.

Let’s look at what GRE General differs from GRE Subject tests.

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The difference in GRE General and GRE Subject

There are five main distinctions between GRE General and GRE Subject tests. I’ll briefly explain to them to be better prepared for the GRE test you want to take.

  1. GRE General score is required when applying for Post Graduate or Post Graduate studies at several institutions and colleges. The GRE Subject Test score is required only when using for courses that require a high level of expertise.
  2. The GRE General test covers three parts: Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Qualitative. Contrary to what you might think, GRE Subject deals with eight subjects. You’ll be required to pass the test needed for a university or college. The GRE Subject is held for Psychology, Computer Science, Physics, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English literature.
  3. You can attempt a GRE General test round the year following registration on the ETS website and having a proper plan. It is accessible on the internet and offline at the test centers chosen by ETS. However, GRE Subject Tests are not accessible on the internet. Therefore, you must go to an approved center by ETS in your country. GRE subject tests will be scheduled in April, August, and October each year. However, the timing may differ depending on the country of your residence.
  4. The scoring on the GRE General and GRE Subject tests differs significantly. To pass the GRE General, you have to score between 120 to 170 points. GRE Subject test counts range between 220 and 990 points. The increments are allocated by 10 points each.
  5. The price of the GRE General and GRE Subject test is different. The GRE General test costs between $200 and $225, based on the country you reside in. ETS estimates the median price of the GRE General test at $205. The reality is that the GRE Subject test costs $150 per subject across the globe.

These five distinctions indicate that you should prepare for the two types of GRE tests in different ways.

Preparing for GRE General

The first thing you need to remember is that passing the GRE can’t be something you can memorize the basics in a few places that are, unfortunately, the norm in the students’ world.

In addition, you’ll need to make extra efforts and a lot of determination to pass this GRE General test and score very high. This is because every school and college requires minimum scores to be considered for admission.

In other words, if you earn more minor points than the university or college requires that your application isn’t even considered to be considered.

It is a way of losing the chance to learn at one of the most respected places of learning. This can have a ripple impact on your job and, without exaggeration, your entire life.

Follow these easy steps to help you prepare for the GRE General Test.

1. Know Where You Stand

This is my first suggestion to help you prepare to take the GRE General: identify the exact place you’re at. As I explained previously, GRE General consists of three exams: Qualitative Thinking, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Reasoning. These are not skills you can be taught by reading texts or studying materials.

There are plenty of online and printed books available to help you learn to pass these three exams.

In my opinion, the most effective way to get through these tests is to use the skills you have developed and then fine-tune these skills with many study materials.

The most effective way to start with your GRE General journey is by taking a few test questions online without reading any books or studying materials. You must rely on your reasoning ability to pass these test questions. Each test will offer you a score.

Because every university or college has its requirements for the minimum GRE scores, you can use this easy guide to find out what you’re doing. If you’re not getting the desired score of this score, identify areas where you could improve your score.

2. Fix Your Target Scores

Find out where you could be doing better is crucial as it directs you to the next stage: fixing your target scores. Naturally, you’ll have a shortlist of 3 to 5 schools and universities in which you’d like admissions to postgraduate or graduate programs.

Find out what is required for minimal GRE General scores that are accepted to be considered for admission into universities and colleges of your preference.

As I said earlier, every educational establishment has its GRE General’s score criteria to accept students. You can quickly locate the minimum scores required on the websites of these institutions and colleges.

According to the old saying that you should always strive at the Moon. When you’re aware of the GRE general minimum score required, you should aim to score more than that. This increases your chances of being admitted to the school that you want to attend.

3. Identify Your Gray Areas

If you’re aware of the difference between the scores you’ll receive without any preparation for the GRE test, and the minimum GRE scores needed to gain admission into your preferred school or college, the process becomes more straightforward.

It’s the next thing to do is discern the gray areas. It’s pretty simple since you’ve taken the mock test and gotten the scores that I’ve suggested at the beginning of this post. The test results will clearly show your best areas and weak points.

Once you’ve compiled an inventory of these grey areas, you need to draw an entire plan for patching the areas. It’s not as difficult as you think. The results will identify where you’re not performing as well as solid measurements.

Make sure you are focusing on improving your strengths. This is something that a majority of GRE General applicants fail to do. They think they’re good in particular areas and ignore them while focusing on weaker areas. This isn’t the best method to prepare for the GRE General tests.

If you’re also able to build upon your existing strengths in the process, you’re striving for more points instead of just aiming for those minimum marks.

While you’re at it, prepare to put in lots of effort to fill in the areas of gray in which you could achieve much more.

4. Define Your Approach to the Test

GRE General requires a specific method. It means you’ll have to determine how you’ll approach and answer each test and question for yourself.

Here’s some important information: each section of the GRE General topic requires a distinct approach. It is not possible to have a set mentality to answer every question or challenge.

There are a lot of study materials available through ETS. They are officially licensed publications and products by ETS and the organization which manages GRE General test. GRE General Test. Purchase one of these official books:

They offer excellent practice sessions which give you a deep understanding of the best way to approach Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytic tests of the GRE.

Additionally, you can download several couples of resources for free through ETS’s Official ETS website along with paid ones. I suggest you go to all of these resources for free starting and, later, choose the more expensive ones, if needed.

5. Online or Offline

A majority of GRE General candidates opt for the test online. So, focus your efforts on completing the online version. If, of course, your location doesn’t offer online tests, or you have a specific reason to choose offline tests.

It’s straightforward to obtain mock tests online and begin practicing daily. Try the ones offered by ETS along with some other companies.

While ETS is the most reputable one, other organizations offer several excellent practices for GRE General tests. When you combine a mixture of both, you’ll be more equipped for GRE General as you’ll be able to learn about different ways of approaching.

6. Enhance GRE Vocabulary

Finally, prepare for the GRE by expanding your vocabulary in line with ETS and university standards. There’s plenty of study materials online that will aid you in learning intricate grammar and other abilities essential to developing your GRE General vocabulary.

I’m focusing on the vocabulary of the GRE General exam since this is the section that most applicants fail and fail. In reality, the part on language isn’t that difficult. However, the majority of candidates fail on this basis due to overconfidence.

Today, coaching classes which teach you how to increase your vocabulary and learn a method to pass the GRE General are also available. I don’t have any personal experience regarding these classes.

If you’d like to be a coach, Look for classes with an outstanding track record within your local area. They typically advertise their best scorers. But beware of exaggerated assertions made by these classes.

Preparation for GRE Subject

Now that you know the basics of getting through the GRE General test, here’s how you can prepare yourself for the GRE Subject test too.

Follow Same Steps as GRE General

The steps I’ve described in the previous paragraphs to prepare for GRE General are the exact steps you’ll have to follow to pass the GRE Subject test, too.

But, you can bypass the Vocabulary portion of the preparation to pass the GRE General. Additionally, you’ll need an entirely different method to pass the GRE Subject examination.

Download Free GRE Subject Resources

If you’ve completed those steps, then the following step that you must do is to get the necessary study materials through ETS, the organization which administers GRE Subject tests. You may also sign up for a popular online coaching class to learn the most effective methods to pass the GRE Subject Test.

Take Free Practice Tests

There are a lot of GRE Subject tests that are freely accessible online. The best method to prepare for the GRE Subject is to take several tests on the subject you’re interested in. GRE test experts say that the GRE Subject is more complex to master than GRE General. Therefore the more you study, the more you will improve your chances of passing.

More Ways to Prepare for GRE

Three excellent sources I’m going to mention when writing about how to prepare for the GRE.

Both of these resources will aid you in preparing for each GRE General and GRE Subject. The Facebook page provides regular updates, free bonus resources, quiz contests, and comments by other GRE General and GRE Subject candidates.

Facebook Messenger. There is a lot to learn from their posts as well. You can also ask questions or get complimentary guidance from ETS experts via Facebook Messenger.

The Instagram account has a wealth of tricks and tips and essential updates on GRE General and GRE Subject.

ETS, the official YouTube page, is a treasure trove of information to help you prepare in preparation for GRE tests. There are videos for free, and learn how to get through GRE General and GRE Subject on the YouTube channel.

In Conclusion

Before I conclude, I’ll say that it’s hard to prepare for the GRE when you are pursuing the idea of simply memorizing some things, then taking the test believing that your current skills are enough. As I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the only thing you need is focused attention, perseverance, and the right resources.

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