How to Learn Ethical Hacking & Build a Rewarding Career

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Hackers are always portrayed as the bad guys’ cybercriminals seeking to steal your precious information, damage systems and generally wreak havoc on the online and computer systems wherever they go.

Although this may be in some ways, it’s also true that hackers don’t all are criminals or criminals.

The other side of this criminal group is ethical hackers. They are also known as white hat hackers. They are the honest guys.

Due to the rapid growth of cybercrimes in recent years, ethical hackers are in high demand.

Big companies and government agencies are known for paying huge dollars to get the top ethical hackers.

Their primary task is to find the weaknesses of their existing IT infrastructure to safeguard their systems and stop sensitive information from being misused.

Hacking is an appealing and lucrative option for career advancement in India. There are many ways to master ethical hacking to pursue a career in this area.

How do I Learn Hacking?

In this article, we’ll examine what is required to qualify as an Ethical Hacker in India, create an influential career in this specialized field, and what job opportunities are open for you after completing your education.

1. Getting Started

Since ethical hacking is all to do with technology, it’s a matter that having solid experience in IT will be a significant benefit.

A diploma with a major in Computer Science or a certification in networking technology will provide you with a significant benefit.

If you’ve got several years of experience in tech support or have a basic understanding of networking, such as Network+ or A+ and A+, then you’re in good shape.

Once you are sure that you have acquired the experience you require, you can move into the process of certification.

It is crucial to be certified for two primary reasons.

  • It gives you an edge over your competitors, thus increasing your chances of landing the job you’ve always wanted.
  • Additionally, as a CEH from an acclaimed institute with experience and a solid resume, you have more chances of being employed with a more excellent pay-off.

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2. How do I Be Certified

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is always best to obtain a certificate and training from a reputable institute, so ensure you select the proper method to learn readily available hacking.

The first step is taking an online course and getting recognized as a Systems Security Certified Programmer (SSCP).

This entry-level certification proves you have the necessary technical expertise and know-how to manage, monitor, and build an IT infrastructure using the most current methods, security procedures, and techniques recommended by top cyber security experts.

To obtain this certificate, You must demonstrate at the very least one year of work experience to be eligible for an exam that tests your abilities in various SSCP domains. This includes;

  • Systems and Application Security
  • In the event of an incident, Recovery and Response
  • Access Controls
  • Security Operations & Administration
  • Cryptography
  • Risk Identification
  • Network & Communication Security.

If you’ve passed this test, you’re prepared to move on to the next stage that is becoming certified as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

This is a higher-level certification that proves you have the skills to create, implement and manage an innovative cybersecurity program.

To be eligible for this certification in cyber-security, you must have at the very least five years of paid expertise in two or more closely related domains. These include;

  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operation
  • Communication and Network Security
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Software Development Security
  • Security and Risk Management
  • Asset Security
  • Security Architecture and Engineering

This advanced security certificate will open doors to a variety of senior-level job opportunities available to you.

They could be as simple as that of a network architect to the position of Chief Information Officer/Chief Director of Security/Information Security Officer working for top-tier companies and institutions of government.

3. How do you become a professional Hacker/Certified Ethical Hacker

To be a hacker/CEH, you first have to pass the CEH exam, which EC Council administers.

In most cases, this test consists of more than 125 multiple-choice questions. It is scheduled to last four hours.

However, before you can do this, you are required to sign up for the course that is accredited through their training portal. You can choose to take the instructor-led live classroom training or opt for an online system (by live instructors) option.

It will give you the most advanced hacking tools and methods (in use by hackers and professionals working in information security globally) and other requirements for ethical hacking to help you comprehend the security concerns from a hacker’s viewpoint, which will help you to recognize its weaknesses.

4. Job Opportunities for Cyber Security Professionals and CEH’s

Once you’ve figured out what you must do to obtain the credentials required to become an ethical hacker, Let’s examine what’s in store for you about job opportunities.

According to the world’s leading technology company IBM, India needs a vast 3-million cyber-security experts shortly, compared to a shortage of just 100,000 now.

According to a recent industry study, India’s cybersecurity market is set to grow by more than 19% from 2018 to 2023.

It’s a growth curve that will likely be fueled by a growing number of government initiatives to digitize processes in crucial areas like health care, BFSI, retail, education, and gems and jewellery.

Thus, job opportunities are undoubtedly endless and are not sector-specific since there isn’t any industry or vertical that could operate without computers or a suitable infrastructure for IT.

Therefore, the demand and need for skilled cyber-security specialists will only increase in future as businesses and governments try to secure the security of their Intellectual Property Rights and confidential information from cyber-criminals.

5. How Much Money Can You Earn?

After you have all the necessary information regarding the profile and the certifications required to start your career as a cyber-security expert and ethical hacker, we get to the crucial question – What amount of money can you anticipate earning from this?

To give you a better concept, I have listed below some of the typical salaries of a CEH in India according to various job titles.

  • Certification as an Ethical Hacker (CEH) The cost is INR 3.5-5 Lakhs p.a.
  • Information Security Analyst Information Security Analyst: INR 4.5-6 lakhs p.a. Security Consultant (Computing Networking/Networking/Information Technology) Pay 6- 8 lakhs p.a.
  • Information Security Manager Information Security Manager: INR 12-15 Lakhs p.a.

With demand expected to increase in the coming years, you can anticipate an increase of proportional earnings you earn as an ethical hacker who is certified.

The Way Forward

With more and more businesses moving online and a growing amount of tasks being automated due to the introduction of modern technologies like AI and Machine learning, India Inc. is being hit by the insufficient number of cyber-security experts such as ethical hackers are certified.

There is a pressing and increasing demand for young professionals in this area, and this could be the ideal opportunity to make the leap and take a look.

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