How to Apply Post Matric & Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme

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A scholarship is a fantastic option to fund your education. If your child is talented and has the best career in the future, you as a parent should apply for a scholarship.

As a parent, you must discover your child’s potential early in their development. You shouldn’t pass up the chance to do so.

India. In this article, we will present two kinds of scholarship schemes offered by the Indian government. The first is called Post Matric Scholarship, and the second one is called Pre Matric Scholarship.

We first discuss how you apply for the Post Matric Scholarship program, and after that, we discuss Pre-matric scholarships.

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Post Matric Scholarship Scheme

The first thing you may be interested in asking is who can apply for the post-particularly scholarship schemes.

The post-matric scholarship schemes aim to aid students from specific backgrounds.

The government of India financially assists students who belong to Scheduled Caste to finish their post-secondary school education.

Post-Matric education is highly crucial for students. Social mobility is critical to any nation. Without it, you will not be able to climb to the top of the ladder of social mobility.

To assist students in climbing up the ladder of social status, governments aid them with post-matric scholarships.

The importance of scholarships is in social mobility.

Eligibility Criteria

You must now know who is eligible to apply for the post-matric scholarship scheme. Indeed, only Scheduled Caste students can use, but we also debate the other criteria.

Nationality The scheme is only open to students in India who are eligible for this specific scheme.

School Affiliated Only The scholarship scheme is offered to students in schools recognized by the government of India.

SC/ST only students from scheduled castes and scheduled tribes can apply for the post-matric scholarship program.

Academic qualification you’ve completed your academic career in a professional field, such as B.Ed. or B.T., you’re not qualified to receive the award.

Household income of the family, as you are aware, these programs are geared towards those who are in the lowest rung of society. Families with low-income households can only apply for the program.

The scholarship will be awarded to students whose parents’ or guardians’ household income is not more than 250,000 rupees per year.

If the parents are alive, the income of the couple is taken into consideration.

If the parents earn a living from their home’s rent, the earnings are exempt from tax.

A tax-free income certificate is only required once when you are admitted to the course.

There are specific requirements that you need to meet before you can apply for the post-matriculation scholarship scheme.

Importance of Scholarship Programs

It is time to look deeply into the importance of scholarships programs formulated by government officials.

As I mentioned earlier, a nation can’t grow without social mobility. And to achieve social mobility, you require specific programs that are financed through the state.

While the government funds many welfare programs for its citizens, but these schemes differ from the others.

They help the less fortunate to complete their education and move up the ladder. If India would like to progress, it must eradicate poverty and that, financing scholarships is crucial.

Here are some benefits of the form of a short.

1. It eases the burden of parents who have a poor background. They can now take care of their children and not be afraid of being thrown out.

2. The country is progressing as more students complete their education at a higher level.

3. It assists in creating an equal playing field between the different social classes, ensuring that everyone has the same chance to succeed.

4. Another benefit of scholarships is that it helps students who come from poor backgrounds. Even if you’re low-income and have no means to fund your further education and scholarship programs could aid you in living your ambitions.

5. In the future, scholarships can help you make yourself stand out. Your resume will stand out from other candidates for the same position.

So, scholarships are essential both on a personal level and also at the national level.

How Do You Apply for the Scholarship?

Here’s the step-by-step information on how you can apply for the scholarship program.

1. The scholarship application is on the prescribed form. Check out this page.

Step 2. A passport-sized photograph in the size of a passport with the signature of the student who is applying

Step 3.One attested duplicate of all certificates such as diploma, degree, and so on.

4. A valid caste document that authorized revenue officials have signed.

5. Income declaration detailing all types of income for the household.

Sixth step: Last but not least, you must have an acknowledgement receipt for the scholarship award for the earlier year.

Then these are the certifications that you must have before applying for the scholarship program. Find out more about the requirements on Minority Affairs site.

How Do You Receive the Scholarship Money

If you’re applying for the post-matric scholarship for the first time, you should read this paragraph.

You must provide documents to the authorities to prove that you are a member of the S.C. or S.T. community.

Then, the government of the state will provide a scholarship amount towards the student.

Cash payments are usually not permitted, and U.T. administrators do not allow cash payments for scholarships.

Administrators ensure that all payments to recipients of this scholarship are made to their bank accounts at post offices or at a bank that has a phase change into the smart card.

This is the way that the money is distributed to all candidates.

This was all about the post-matric scholarship program. Let us now look at the pre-matric scholarship program in India.

Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme

The Government of India also provides the Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme to students who are in need.

Eligibility Criteria

There is a distinct difference between the post-matric scholarship program and the pre-matric scholarship scheme.

We’ll discuss the subject in the next paragraph. We will also talk about the eligibility requirements for the pre-matric scholarship scheme.


Pre-matric scholarships are only available to children from minority groups.

So, if you’re a Muslim from India, then you can send your child to school even if you do not have the financial resources to pay for their education.

Age of students: The scheme applies to students from class 1 through class 10.

Educational Qualifications of the Child: Students must have secured more than 50 per cent marks in their last exam of the final year.

Household Parental Income: The Annual Income of the guardian is not to exceed 100,000 rupees per year.

Girl Students30 per cent of scholarships are for female students only.

The duration of the HTML0: Maintenance amount must be set for ten months during the year.

These are the requirements you have to be aware of.

Importance of Scholarship Programs

Pre-matric scholarship programs are just as crucial as post-matric scholarship programs.

The first one aids to alleviate the poverty of the nation by allowing girls and boys to attend school.

It’s targeted towards minorities in society to ensure that they aren’t excluded.

Students of minority ethnic backgrounds are not eligible for the scheme.

How Do You Apply

The government of the state will send an application form. You must return it along with the required documents.

The article is about the pre and post-matric scholarship programs.

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