Top 21 Graphic Designer Jobs In India

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Graphic Designer Jobs In India. Graphic design can be described as a type of communication that consists of visual content. The visual content may include any of the following: illustrations, pictures, typography icons, and more.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, graphic design has gained more popularity than ever before. Graphic design is all over the place. From the personalized t-shirts are worn to packaging for your favourite snack, graphic design can be found in practically every aspect.

The Internet is now a whole new environment for graphic designers. And every day, millions of users upload content that features the graphic designer in one way or another.

This article will explore various career options regarding scope, platforms, and scope, specifically for graphic designers.

Graphic design jobs of various kinds

1. UI designer

It’s also known as a User Interface Designer. The UI designer’s job is to ensure that machines and software are operating correctly and software.

Have you ever considered how a transition on a website happens and how smooth you can move between screens? The UI designers can indeed do that.

It’s a complex job that requires a lot of understanding. For more information, read this.

2. UX designer

User Experience Designers are responsible for the design of human interaction and apps, websites and more.

It employs the concepts of psychology, marketing as well as technology. It is also designed. Designers spend a significant amount of time conducting research. On the one hand, it is focused on visual nuances. However, it focuses on accessibility for the users.

To learn more to know more, read out this out.

3. Multimedia Designer

Multimedia artists work with video, illustrations, audio, images, and illustrations. They draw inspiration from the natural world and its surroundings to create appealing art.

They need to know how to use various programs and use them with their creative skills to create stunning sketches, posters, videos, animations, and more.

4. Web Designer

Web designing includes website designing. A web designer has a solid understanding of the Internet and can create websites that look beautiful and useful in the end.

The primary responsibility of web designers is to create a better user experience and provide a professional and aesthetic look to websites.

Web designers do not just focus on visuals but also the themes, content, colours and page continuity. They also consider the fonts used on the site.

5. Logo Designer

A logo represents a brand in its simplest form. It is the core of a company and leaves an impression on its consumers. A successful logo is more than an icon; it aids customers to recognize the identity of a brand.

Many companies invest significant funds in logo design. No one can design a logo, as it requires imagination and proper negative and positive space utilization.

Do you have a memory of the logos that you associate with Nike and Apple? I’m sure your brain formed an image of both symbols. That is why logo design is essential and is considered seriously by every brand.

6. Brand Identity Designer

Brand identity comes in a variety of forms, including brochures and merchandise. Brand Identity designers design every visual element and then design the design to reflect the brand. They create things such as advertising, brochures, stationery posters, etc.

Companies employ brand identity designers to express the brand’s message by creating visual merchandise.

There is a good chance you have been given pens, journals or calendars belonging to a particular company. They all fall with branding identity design.

7. Creative Director

In the world of entertainment, Creative directives are the person who is responsible for overseeing an organization that creates advertisements, billboards, art and so on.

The team includes photographers, copywriters, along graphic design. The creative director has a lot of experience as well as a brilliant mind. They can lead and manage the team while at the same time.

8. Photo Editor

A photograph can tell many different stories. You’ve heard that. Editing images is a complicated process and is intended to improve the appeal of an image. Many applications and software permit editing of images—for instance, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Canva and Picsart.

Editing photos is an everyday task for graphic designers. Websites, e-commerce businesses, magazines, newspapers, etc., are all dependent on photo editing every day.

If you aren’t familiar with the art of photo editing, then you can study it on the Internet. Take a course and learn about editing photos.

9. Social media designer

Online presence is concerned with creating and sharing content. It can help a brand increase its visibility and allows individuals to enhance their branding.

The task of a social media graphic designer is to design appealing content and engaging posts that will entertain the majority of the viewers.

Today, social media is all about experimentation and developing individual benchmarks. This is the reason why the role of a graphic designer becomes more crucial.

10. Layout designer

Layout designers develop the layouts/ templates for publications brochures, flyers posters, leaflets, etc. Their task is to choose the colours, gradients, quality font, images, and typeface to make sure that they please the reader’s eyes.

It requires lots of thought and planning to incorporate every element to ensure that the user can comprehend it quickly.

11. Packaging Graphic Designer

Packaging is indeed a factor that affects the sales of the product. This is the reason why McDonald’s, as well as Starbucks, have massive annual sales.

Whether it’s an established business or a new startup, all of us are focused on packaging in any visible way.

With the increasing competition, brands are trying extensively with their packaging. This is why packaging designers are in high demand.

12. 3D graphic designer

To make a more memorable impression on your public, many companies opt for 3D designs, particularly in advertising campaigns. 3D graphic designers are primarily using three-dimensional design software. The methods they create are more authentic and exciting.

13. Product designer

Product design is a kind of 3D design. Designers create an item according to specifications that the company offers.

For example, we are designing notebooks, cosmetics, pottery, etc.

Product design requires in-depth knowledge of the design process and a thorough understanding of the product.

14. Book Cover Design

You’ve heard this phrase: ‘Don’t evaluate a book based on its cover. The majority of people indeed judge a book based on its surface. This is why many authors seek out graphic designers who can create a stunning book cover.

Everyone hopes that their book will be a success, And a stunning book cover could make it happen (if you write as great, naturally.)

15. Mobile App Designer

Every day users and companies from all over the world publish hundreds of apps to the Playstore. In an app, the user experience is the most critical factor, and an app designer can make it better by adding elements of design.

They can create suitable icons, user interfaces, colours, fonts etc., to build a better app.

16. Environmental Graphic Designer

The environmental graphic design elevates graphic design to a whole new dimension. It is the utilization of vectors, creativity and themes to improve the visual appeal of various locations. For an institution, such as an airport, for instance, the use of environmental graphics can aid in locating the way, becoming acquainted with various cultures, and so on.

An effective environmental graphic design can connect people and make them comfortable with a location.

It can also enhance the user experience in themes parks and tourist destinations, auditoriums, and other public spaces.

17. Customized T-shirt Designer

The selling of customized T-shirts online has gained a lot of popularity. Designers of T-shirts have the skills required and unparalleled creativeness. Many earn a lot of cash selling basic designs on T-shirts. A well-designed t-shirt is about puns and stories, but a t-shirt designer can do it.

Sometimes, businesses and organizations employ graphic designers to create their T-shirts.

18. Advertising Graphic Designer

Advertising must be highly innovative, or brands are ruined. So, companies always employ highly skilled and creative designers with imagination at the tip of their fingertips.

The primary goal of advertising is to increase sales. So, it must be engaging.

Have you ever seen the advertisements from Burger King or the “Privacy? Is it the iPhone campaign from Apple? If you’re not. It is time to look at the issue and be aware of the truth for yourself.

19. Flash Designer

Flash is a software developed by Adobe that can be used to create animated games and websites. It’s done by using vector graphics and raster graphics. The advantage of vector art is it can be scaled with no distortion.

But, at the year 2020’s end, Adobe Flash will stop receiving updates. Software such as HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly will take over the Flash program.

For more information, To learn more about it, visit this link.

20. Vehicle Wrap Graphic Design

The vehicle wrap can be the best and most effective way to advertise. The biggest companies have customized vehicle wraps and deliver their merchandise to them. The function of a design professional is to develop an innovative wrap that reflects a brand. Food, beverage and oil companies make use of this method of advertising frequently.

21. Animation Designer/Motion Graphic Designer

Motion graphics and animations are often used in video or presentations and animated text, and other media. They add life and motion to the design and is utilized more frequently in this day and age of social media.

Suppose you’re looking to gain a thorough understanding of motion graphics. In that case, you’ll need to be familiar with programs such as Cinema 4DFinal Cut ProAdobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, among others. If you’re not a motion graphic artist, You can still create these designs using Canva.

How do you become a graphic designer?

The most effective way to master graphic design is to pursue studies in graphic design or fine arts. But, the majority of graphic designers are self-taught. They discovered a passion for graphic design and then honed their skills along the way. You can use free resources on YouTube or read books to find out more concerning graphic designing.

If you’re interested in becoming an expert graphic designer, you must invest some cash in online training. Graphic designers with experience from all over the world teach these courses, and sure of them can assist you along the way.

Be aware of various software.

Graphic design is about using different tools to create the best illustration. If you’re interested in creating unique graphic designs, you need to use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, etc.

If you can utilize them, you’re closer to becoming an artist than you imagine.

Study a master’s degree in design or fine arts

The majority of students who have an aptitude for design earn a degree in graphic design or a similar program within fine arts.

What’s the benefit of this degree? It helps you understand the basics of design fundamentals and components of design. You can use these concepts in your plans and develop into more proficient as a designer.

But remember that to become a professional graphic designer, you need to know the software mentioned above.

Take an online course in graphic design.

If you aren’t looking to spend a large amount of money but want to be a graphic designer, consider enrolling in online courses for graphic design. These courses will provide an understanding of the subject and are cheaper than the degree programs.

Take a look at the best online graphic design training.

Showcase your designs

When you design graphics, the graphics you create are your voice, as art does for the artist. So, it is essential to have a solid portfolio. Portfolios are collections of your finished projects. If you’re not sure how to build a solid portfolio, then check this out.

There are numerous platforms where graphic designers across the globe showcase their work and attract attention and cash.

Some of the most effective platforms for you to be a graphic designer are discussed below. If you don’t have an account, create it today and inform the world about your skills. This will aid you to find your ideal job and earn more than ever before.


It is not a secret that Instagram is among the most widely used websites for social networking. It is easy to post your work and get feedback from users. You can find large projects on this site as well. All you need to do is make sure you post regularly and use hashtags that are peppered.

When you have gained enough followers, customers will start to approach you.

I recommend you start a YouTube channel and upload your videos on design there as well. This will have a more significant impression on your viewers, and you’ll make more money.


LinkedIn is the top social media site to search for jobs and gigs. On LinkedIn, you can connect with your contacts and post your portfolio. You can share your best design and caption it with a humorous message. The secret to getting any job or gig through social media is about communicating with prospective customers. This can be done by regularly posting content.


Behance is an online portfolio platform designed exclusively for designers. Adobe purchased Behance at the end of 2012. There, you can show your final design, upload behind-the video footage, etc.

Designers from all around the globe utilize Behance to showcase their talents.

Some jobs are perfect for your needs on Behance.

Visit Behance to learn more.


Pinterest is not just an aesthetic platform. The most significant aspect of Pinterest is its popularity. Each month 320 million users are using it. So, uploading your images to Pinterest could be beneficial to you. If you own a website that you have, it’s the perfect icing. You can boost your website’s visibility through Pinterest.


Dribbble is a different platform used by digital artists. The platform lets designers showcase their work as well as showcase their portfolios.

Take a look at Dribble to, sign up and learn more.

Graphic design job

Finding work isn’t straightforward, but it’s not difficult if you follow the right strategy for it. Graphic designers are either internal workers or freelancers. The process of securing a job is how attractive your portfolio looks. So, pay attention to your portfolio and help it stand out.

I suggest that you create your website and then be active on the social networks listed above.

If you’re looking to find new ideas, check out these websites for freelancers.


Upwork is among the most trusted freelance platforms. Designers from all around the globe utilize Upwork to locate an opportunity or project.

You can apply for design gigs and earn anywhere from 10-50 dollars per hour. It’s contingent on how knowledgeable you are as well as your area of expertise.


Fiverr is a different platform for freelancing that allows users to find decent jobs for less. There is no cost to join. They are starting at $5 an hour. Then over time, you’ll earn more.


In Guru, there is the logo and various other design jobs. It is possible to set an hourly fee between $5 to $25 per hour in the beginning. Your employer will track your progress over time using the help of a program known as TimeTracker.


Toptal is an excellent platform for creatives. It can pay anywhere from 20-$200 an hour. To be considered for a job, you must take an online test.

Per hour, people

At a rate of a few dollars per hour, you’ll be able to get a variety of design jobs. It is possible to earn between $10 and $25 an hour at first.


On, you will find many design jobs, and you can even bid on projects you think are interesting.

You can earn between $7and $20 per hour for a newbie.


99designs is only designed for designers. You can upload your work with clients, and they can locate them. You can earn up to an hourly rate of $25 here. Graphic designers usually prefer other platforms for making money.

In addition to the platforms mentioned above, one can get work published in Behance and Dribbble. I’ve described them previously in-depth.

The graphic design expected salary

According to Glassdoor, The expected salary for a graphic designer varies between $44,000 and $55,000 per year. At first, you will have to work hard to get started, but the hard work will pay off in the end. Graphic designers earn more money than many jobs. But, it is an ever-changing profession. You must be ready for changes and continue to study new programs.

If you’ve decided to pursue graphic design as your career, numerous opportunities are waiting for you now. Be diligent in letting the portfolio of your work do the talking.

For more information on the figures, visit the website.


Graphic design has a wide range of applications. There are many possibilities in this field, and it is expected to expand as long as humankind exists.

If you are gifted in design, consider pursuing Graphic Designing as a full-time job. If you already enjoy graphic design, it’s more appealing.

The salary of a graphic designer can be attractive for freelancers and in-house designers too. After reading this article, you’re aware of the range and possibilities in this field.

Let your creativity shine through to let that graphic artist within you emerge with exuberant colours.

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