Top 15 Free Job Posting Sites In India to Find a Suitable Candidate

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list of Free Job posting sites in india. For any company, big or small, selecting the best candidate for any position can be a difficult job. There are two options available: Advertise in a reputable newspaper or post the job on a reputable site.

Making a modest classified ad in every day’s newspaper costs hundreds or even many thousands Rupees. Furthermore, ads in print media are limited in duration. That is, your advertisement will be published just for one day or two, based on how much you spend.

The online posting of job ads offers an advantage of two kinds. The first is that they stay on the web for a long time which can be anything from a fortnight up to a month. Additionally, there is a myriad of options for posting your job. Some sites will charge for posting your advertisement, and others that provide it for free.

Benefits of Free Job Posting

It is no secret that paying a site for placing your advertisement for a job comes with several advantages. You guarantee that the job will be posted on top recruitment websites viewed by thousands of job-seekers when you pay.

These websites offer similar benefits to posting on free job boards.

A free job posting allows you to post the same job across multiple websites. This will increase the likelihood of more qualified applicants viewing your job advertisement.

Thus, the volume of applications you will receive is much higher, resulting in the process of shortlisting, interviewing, and hiring from a vast talent pool.

Why Post Free?

Multinational corporations, corporate giants, and government institutions have massive budgets for advertising. They can therefore afford to pay for job advertisements.

Small businesses, startups, and even home-based businesses cannot afford to spend their money to advertise vacancies. This is why you can avail yourself of no-cost job advertisements offered on more than a dozen websites.

However, there are plenty of job sites that allow job posting. Here we present a list of the most popular sites that will enable no-cost job listings for businesses and individuals.

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Top 15 Free Job Posting Websites

1. National Career Service

National Career Service is an online job portal operated under the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. In the context of the Skills India and Make in India initiative, the portal has free job listings in India for both big and small and families and individuals. “The portal provides job matching services in a highly transparent and user-friendly manner,” it says.

In addition, career counseling content provided by NCS can be accessed via multiple channels, including career centers smartphones, the Skills India website, and other platforms. NCS can meet youth’s diverse needs and demands seeking information about education, work, and training and will soon be backed with a multilingual call center.

This makes it one of the most influential jobs sites for employers. “The portal makes available information on local service providers available to household and other consumers for services like driving, plumbing, carpentry, etc,” it states.

2. Indeed

Indeed is a worldwide recruitment site that provides both free and paid job ads. It is the most effective place to advertise job advertisements as it’s the perfect recruitment platform for small and startup companies to put up job ads for at no cost.

The only distinction between listings that are paid and free is the method in which the ad is displayed. When paid ads are promoted to be displayed at the top of search results, free job ads will appear at the bottom of the page.

However, this will not affect your job advertisement in any way. This is because those seeking jobs will apply for multiple positions and apply to each ad that matches their educational skills and qualifications.

Indeed is a great option when you’re thinking of hiring staff fast. Furthermore, Indeed also operates with the smartphone app.

3. Glassdoor

American-based Glassdoor also provides hiring solutions in India. In addition, it lets users post free job ads via their Indian portal. Furthermore, the outlet of Glassdoor has an enormous archive of millions of reviews of companies as well as the CEO’s approval rating, salary reportsinterview reviews and questions, reviews of benefits along with office photographs, and much more.

“For Employers, Glassdoor can provide effective hiring and employer branding solutions through ‘ Glassdoor for Employers‘. We assist thousands of customers and partners in promoting their employer brand to those looking for them and also promote their job openings to the best people who may not even know about them.

What sets Glassdoor from other channels for recruiting are the high-quality candidates we provide and our impact on applicants their decisions when researching the job market and potential employers,” states the website.

4. Aasaanjobs

Aasaanjobs is steadily gaining ground within India as a popular site to search and apply for jobs with young and experienced. Aasaanjobs is also among the sites for free job postings for employers, allowing posting an utterly free job advertisement in specific categories.

Although much information about Aasaanjob’s paid-for plans wasn’t available on the website of Aasaanjob, some links indicate that you can access free job advertisements at the very least for a brief period. Because Aasaanjob is a global job site, It is ideal to find talent in different country regions.

5. Quickr

Faster really is an entirely free classifieds site that provides various services like selling and buying used items and recruitments. But the benefit with Quickr is that individuals can post free job ads for everyday jobs like handypersons to work from home or in the workshop, domestic helpers, drivers, cooks, and many more jobs.

You can also search for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and more tradespeople with Quickr for long-term and short-term work.

6. Bayt

The Arabic language, the word “bayt” refers to an apartment or house. Bayt claims to be the top job-searching website in the Middle East and lists thousands of job opportunities in various countries in the Arabian Gulf region, Levant, North Africa, India, and the Indian subcontinent.

Bayt is well-known among MNCs looking to hire talented people from India and other countries for positions within the Middle East and North Africa. But, Bayt also offers job openings in India.

You can get free job advertisements via Bayt by registering your business. A free job advertisement on Bayt assists in attracting talents of the Indian Diasporas and the younger generation in middle eastern countries, the Middle East, who are looking for jobs that will pay the bills within India.

7. WorkIndia

A free job posting for jobs on the WorkIndia website is straightforward. All you have to do is sign up as a member by filling out an online application. After that, you’ve been received an account user name and password. Work India does not accept applications on behalf of you.

Therefore, you must give a physical address if you want to receive applications via postal mail or email. Making an online, free job advertisement is easy and can be accomplished by anyone with basic computer skills.

8. Freshersworld

FreshersWorld is a popular choice among students, fresh graduates, and tradespeople searching for their first job. This is the perfect site for small and new businesses to find budding talents.

FresherWorld lets you post a job for free postings in India after you have completed the necessary registration procedures because this site is primarily geared towards new applicants with no prior experience or who are in the process of becoming interns, so you can’t put up your job advertisement that is free for professional professionals with years of experience here.

9. PlacementIndia

PlacementIndia includes some of the best corporations and corporate houses in India on its clientele. Placement India provides job postings for free or paid services.

There is only one difference: advertisements paid for will be advertised automatically on the site to be at the top of the list. If you’re not looking to hire, however, you could surely benefit from the free job listings provided through Placement India.

10. CareerAge

You should consider the free job listings on a career when you’re thinking of hiring from anywhere within India. A career provides job listings in many categories ranging from tradespeople through IT professionals and highly skilled senior managers. Career has assisted thousands of young people from the semi-urban and rural areas to find excellent jobs across the country.

11. ClickIndia

ClickIndia is one of the largest free job-posting websites. It is also a fantastic site for small and startup businesses to recruit middle-level or skilled staff. Registration is straightforward, and you will provide a physical address or email ID to receive applications from job seekers on this site.

12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t exactly an online platform for recruitment. Instead, it offers Business-to-Business and professional networking. But, LinkedIn has nearly 35 million registered users in India.

Although LinkedIn doesn’t offer an employment portal on which you can advertise jobs for free, there are two services that you can use. If you or your company have a LinkedIn profile, you can create users groups and conduct the job posting for free.

LinkedIn offers a recruitment application that allows users to users to apply for jobs using their mobile phones. The job advertisement will be accessible to everyone who is a member of your group. In addition, you can use the status updates feature of your LinkedIn profile to post free job advertisements.

13. PostJobsFree

PostJobsFree is another portal for recruitment that allows small companies to advertise their jobs for no cost. It is possible to post any job on PostJobsFree. The free job advertisement will be visible for 21 and 28 days, contingent upon the type of job.

In some areas in high demand for postings for free jobs, you may need to republish your advertisement within a week for maximum coverage. The old ads will be moved down in the automated listings, which show the latest advertisements first.

14. WalkinsIndia

WalkinsIndia offers free job postings on its site. The majority of these jobs are open to freshers who must show up for interviews and bring their resumes. WalkinsIndia is an excellent site for businesses of all sizes who do not have the time to review hundreds of applications and invite candidates to interviews.

You must provide an extensive description of your job, education qualifications, and abilities, as well as any other specifications. In addition, you should include a Google Maps address of the location for interviews.

15. Craiglist

Craigslist, an American classifieds major that permits the posting of advertisements for nearly everything. Because it is widely used by people in India and around the world and provides the answer to the question that often asked how do you post an opening on Craiglist.

Although Craigslist is a global phenomenon, the volume of job ads it receives each day could result in your ad being hidden among a sea of others. Therefore, we advise you to utilize search and keyword phrases with care when creating your job ad for Craigslist.

Wrap Up

Because India is a vast collection of talented young people, millions of job-seekers, new and experienced, seek employment. Therefore, posting a free job on several websites is recommended as it allows you to reach a wider population.

On the other hand, hiring via free job sites may be more time-consuming than you expected. Because these sites are an influx of visitors every minute, you may have to revise your advertisement often to keep it in the top position, at minimum for an hour a day.

It is not true that the best candidates only visit and apply to jobs through paid advertising sites. Each job seeker is looking for every opportunity available at the most significant number of nationwide locations.

So, even a no-cost job advertisement can generate the same excitement and draw a large number of job-seekers. When you next want to hire employees, you can try one of the free job posting sites which are listed.

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