Top 30 Free Classified Websites in India

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Free Classified Websites in India. There are many ways to promote your business offline and online. Advertising has changed a lot throughout the years, and you cannot ignore the potential of advertisements. From advertising for jobs or lost ads, There are numerous areas in which advertising is possible.

Of all the categories of advertising, classified ads are the most affordable and least expensive. When print media first came into being, and classified ads were in use, they used to be costly.

Now, fast forward to the present, and classified ads are very affordable. Additionally, the classified ads are also on websites for classified ads.

In the age of immediate advertisements and social media platforms, classified advertisements haven’t lost their luster yet. They’re pretty cost-effective and can help you gain more leads.

In the world of the web, classified ads differ between websites. This article will inform you about classified ads and websites that allow you to post them for no cost.

What’s the goal of classified ads on websites?

Classified ads websites function as a marketplace for people who want to market various kinds of things and publish notices to the public. One of the primary reasons for online classified sites are:

  • Classified submission websites are an immense benefit for small-sized businesses and start-ups. They can quickly publish advertisements and obtain leads at affordable costs. If you are looking for a specific product, service, or job opening, the classified advertisements can help users find them quickly.
  • Classified ads websites can be sources of massive traffic. If you’re running your own business, they can assist you in advertising your company effortlessly.
  • Classified websites also have the minimum amount and offer access to millions of users simultaneously. Users regularly use these websites for advertising and reaching the most suitable target audience. These classified websites have become ideal for finding regular users who can buy from you or respond to your inquiries.

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30 Free Classified Websites in India


Trade India is one of the most popular places to place classified ads and locate everyday necessities. The site displays the most popular items at the top of the page. At present, there are more than 86,000 categories of products that you can use to post your advertisements.

Visit the site


Khojle is a classifieds submission site that lets users publish classified ads for free in various banking, education finance, vehicles, matrimony, and many other categories.

Visit the site


On ads2book, you can sign up for an account and select the kind of classified advertisement you’d like to post by the price. You can place ads on various categories such as matrimony, recruitment announcement, business, and many more.

Visit the site


Locanto is a valuable platform for those looking to advertise for free and reach a wider public. You have the chance to advertise for free and reach out to many users at the same time.

Visit the site

5. is a site that caters to the Indian public. There, you can put up classified ads that focus on jobs, finance and rent, business jobs, legal, and all the rest.

Visit the site


Addsera. is a no-cost platform that allows people to post advertisements on real estate for sale services, community, and more.

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Joba is a classified ads site that is the only one to allow users to place all types of ads that are related to government and private employment.

Visit the site

8. Declassified. in

Add classified is another site that offers the chance to advertise for free. In light of the massive number of visitors, you should check it at the very least. If you post ads for free that you could generate a large number of leads. You don’t have to invest money.

Visit the site

9. is a site that focuses specifically on the Indian audience. On the homepage, there are classified ads classified according to the city from which they originate.

Visit the site


Sggreek is essentially the blog’s name, where you can read various blogs on financial advice, career, and more. You can also put up advertisements on the site like home improvement, news and business news, finance, and many more.

Visit the site

11. Helptobuyandsell. in

Helpyoubuyandsell is a website on which you can place all kinds of advertisements about selling and buying. It could be furniture, gemstones, or any other item; it’s the right place to be able to advertise your items.

Visit the site


My world is a site that provides free classified ads to all who are seeking these ads. This is the reason why you don’t have to be concerned about paying for anything. My world lets you make ads on an array of subjects.

Visit the site


Bedpage is a massive classified ad service. There, you can publish ads for free by paying a minimal amount and then target any area you wish. This makes it an excellent platform for people seeking international traffic.

Visit the site


Oodle is an online classifieds website. All over the world, from the US to India, everybody uses Oodle to find ads for furniture, pets, products, and more.

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Clickindia provides a marketplace on which sellers from all over India can access the site and make advertisements. It receives an enormous number of visitors, so it’s an excellent choice for those looking to post jobs. You can make free classified ads for free without registration in India. You can also look for job advertisements and data entry jobs, and government positions, among others.

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16. is a website that is targeted at the Indian population. There, you can make online advertisements on various subjects, including marriage and business, economy and science, astronomy, etc.

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Vivastreet is a site where you can place ads on various topics as you would on any other classified ad site. However, on Vivastreet, your ads will be seen by an international audience.

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Adpost is a site used by more than 30 million users every month, spread across various countries. Therefore, it is an ideal platform in case you are looking to reach an American and international crowd. The most appealing feature of is that you can publish free classified ads at no cost.

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Classifiedexpert is a platform where you can place ads for free and receive the attention you’re entitled to. Because of the high volume of traffic, people from more than ten countries frequently visit the site. If you are looking for international exposure, it is the ideal location to begin.

Visit the site


Gumtree is a site that allows you to place advertisements in certain areas. It is mainly used for advertising cars. Additionally, you can also put up “for sale” ads for jobs, property and pets, as well as services and community advertisements on this site.

Visit the site

21. is yet another classified website for free that permits users to put up no-cost classified advertisements on its site. It’s got good traffic, which means the number of people viewing your ads will be enough in terms of number. The website is well-categorized, and the well-organized ads aid users in navigating the site.

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Green Sheet is an ideal classifieds site for ads on automobiles and real estate too. On the website, you will be able to find the “Post an Add” button. Whatever is your area of expertise, you can place an advert and contact customer support should you encounter any issue.

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Adland Pro is the ideal location to place ads. There, you will find many ads at once that are categorized according to different categories. For instance, you could discover the least well-known types such as music, legal, telecom, and many more.

Visit the site

24. is a straightforward dashboard and is easy to use. If you’re looking for an easy-to-understand classified ads site that you can trust, then you must try

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At Classifiedadsforfree, you can post an ad request for free. Many companies and individuals join and place ads without spending an amount. It’s an ideal place to post ads if you are on a tight budget.

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Ables is a classifieds ads website that assists users by helping users find specific ads and providing them with the ability to browse. The website does not receive a lot of traffic. So, you could choose any other site if visitors are your primary goal.

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At Yuplee. You can place an advertisement that responds to the user’s query. This is the perfect platform that local business owners can place their ads and advertise their products. You can browse through ads that are based on various cities.

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Bharti advertisement is a site filled with all kinds of ads that you can classify into various categories such as events, personal education ads, real estate ads, and, in essence, an amalgamation of multiple types of advertisements.

The site is home to more than 1,46,000 registered users as of the moment.

Visit the site


Delhionline’s tagline Delhionline is ‘Best for small, must-have for everyone.

The website provides free classified ads for various areas, including jobs, education, lifestyle, and more. It’s a fantastic site that allows you to promote your small-scale company.

Visit the site

30. is a site that lets you post ads at no cost and get high-quality traffic in addition. If you’re trying to reach a specific audience, is a place to post your advertisements.

Visit the site


Classified ads can be a fantastic source of traffic. You can make ads whenever you’d like at very affordable prices on classified advertisements websites. A few of the sites mentioned above have classified ads for free, which you can make the most of. So, if you’re seeking more leads and traffic, consider trying any classified websites from our list if you haven’t already tried yet.

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