10 Best Ethical Hacking Courses – Online and Offline

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Best Ethical Hacking Courses in India, In this article, you will be taught about the significance of ethical hacking—a career in the field of ethical hackers, and the best moral hacking classes. We’ve even included online courses that are free for beginners.

Hacking with a hacker’s ethical code is an excellent job opportunity in the present. The reason is straightforward: we live in a time in which the dependence on the Internet and other online services is increasing each day exponentially.

Examine the actions you’ve performed within the last couple of hours before you read this article. Most likely, you’ve accomplished something online like emailing or checking your emails or posting on social media or shopping online or perhaps an online financial transaction.

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What is this all about?

The increasing dependence on the Internet and the various online services provide a wide range of opportunities for terrorists and criminals to aim for your life and in multiple ways.

For instance, hackers may gain access to your office or home computer and take your personal information for criminal purposes like identity theft. Identity theft is the most rapidly growing offence across the USA and around the world.

We’re all aware that cybercriminals attack computers using ransomware, hijacking information, and denying legitimate owners access until they have paid.

There are also instances of cyber-terrorism originating from different nations or terrorist groups. The negative news is that cyber-terrorism incidents are on the rise, and they are expected to increase exponentially over the coming years.

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and many such crimes were reported during the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the globe in the latter part of 2019 and into early 2020.

Cyberattacks on financial institutions and banks are commonplace today. There are many instances where the personal information of banks’ customers, including their credit and debit cards and account numbers, were sold on the Dark Web.

The importance of Ethical Hacking

The scenarios above are a good illustration of the risks hiding on the Internet. Cybercriminals and cyberterrorists exploit weaknesses in a computer system to start attacks.

And ethical hacking can help individuals, groups and even governments to identify these holes and fix them so cybercriminals and cyber terrorists can’t gain illegal access.

To identify weaknesses or weak points of the computer system or network, ethical hackers can also replicate the tactics and strategies of cybercriminals and cyber terrorists.

The only distinction is that the ethical hackers perform to protect themselves as well as various companies. Thus, they are called “ethical hackers.” And the method is known in the field of “ethical hacking.”

In this day and age, stopping these cyberattacks is of paramount importance. Therefore, there is a huge potential for jobs as ethical hackers.

Best 10 Ethical Hacking Courses

So, if you’d like to pursue a career in ethical hacking and help to make the Internet more secure for all users, you should take one of the top 10 courses in ethical hacking, which are available both online and offline.

There’s plenty of great opportunities for ethical hackers who have the right qualifications, experience and expertise.

Here’s my list of the top 10 ethical hacking training courses you could undertake either online or offline.

1. The Certified Ethical Hacker ( EC-Council)

The best course on the planet is available online and through EC- Council (EC). This course is called Certified Ethical Hacker. EC-Council declares that all top employers accept the system in the world.

The list of businesses hiring ethical hackers with ECCouncil and EC Council qualifications is in the top 10 spots of the world’s Fortune list.

2. Comprehensive Ethics Hacking course ( IIT-Kanpur)

On top of my list are my favourite course, the Comprehensive Ethical Hacking Course conducted by Electronics & ICT Academy at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. This is an online course that IIT faculty members teach.

Affordable with Rs.4,237 with Goods & Services Tax, the course is accessible to all IT professionals and covers 19 hours over three weeks. It’s also available in the Hindi language.

3. Accredited Security & Security Specialist in Ethical Hacking ( Aptech Ltd)

Aptech Certified Security & Ethical Hacking Specialist is a classroom-based offline training course. It’s offered by India’s most prestigious IT training institution, Aptech Ltd. The course spans two terms and the period of 13 months.

Aptech has a global presence. You can get free online counselling with Aptech faculty. The course is widely accepted.

4. Swayam– Government of India Courses

Swayam, the education portal from the Indian government, offers two specialized courses that cover ethical hacking topics. One of them is an introductory course called the Data Mining course, and the one that follows is Cyber Security.

In addition, you could enrol in occasional classes that are focused exclusively on Ethical Hacking which qualified instructors run from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

5. Master of Computer Sciences ( University of Mumbai)

Hacking and forensics in the computer industry make up two major components in this Bachelor of Computer Sciences, an offline three-year course offered at the University of Mumbai.

This is a highly sought-after course, as the certification is recognized worldwide. After completing this course, you may also choose the Master course, which includes the specialization of ethical hacking.

6. Different Ethical Hacking Training Courses ( IGNOU)

From six-month Certificates and Diplomas to three-year Bachelor degree in Ethical Hacking There is many options of Ethical Hacking courses offered by India’s most prestigious distant learning institution, Indira Gandhi National Open University.

They are the online courses in ethical hacking certified by the All India Council for Technical Education ( AICTE). The Certificate or Diploma course is intended for IT experts who wish to master Ethical Hacking. The degrees are designed focused on computer science with a focus on ethical hacking.

7. Many Ethical Hacking Courses ( University of Madras)

A diploma course in cybersecurity and computer applications The Bachelor in Computer Science and Master in Computer Science are three online courses through the University of Madras.

The courses include sophisticated ethical hacking techniques in the course syllabus. They’re offered through the Institute of Distance Education at the University.

8. Certified ethical hacker ( Indian School of Ethical Hacking)

The online course, which lasts for four months and is referred to by Certified Ethical Hacker, is available through ISOEH, a private institution located in India. The system is known throughout the world. ISO has partnered with EC-Council and some of the best schools in India to offer this course.

The syllabus of the course is also in line with the syllabus of the EC-Council. The system is comprised of 20 modules. This institute has been accredited by NASSCOM as well as other authorities from India.

9. Integrated Master in Computer Science in Information Security ( BITS-Pilani)

The Integrated Master of Computer Science in Information Security is the most sought-after offline program that typically leads to top-quality jobs in India and abroad.

It’s a complex program to obtain because you’ll require an engineering or Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Additionally, a strict examination for competitive candidates is conducted through the Birla Institute of Technology (BITSPilani) Pilani) for students to this course. It is available at their Hyderabad campus.

10. Various Online Courses (Coursera & Udemy)

If you’re not interested in learning about these courses specialized in ethical hacking, you can find short, free and paid courses available on the two Learning Management Systems- and Both offer a myriad of studies on ethical hacking available online.

Some basic ones are available for free ethical hacking classes that provide information and a few basic knowledge about ethical hacking. Find paid courses that meet your requirements and are designed by master trainers from top institutions and IT companies.


Ethical hacking is an incredibly fast-growing, highly sought-after ability in India. According to, the average ethical hacker in India earns from Rs.125,000 up to Rs.3 million annually according to qualifications, skills and work years of experience. Therefore, the pay rates are also exceptionally high.

It is important to remember it’s only Certified Ethical Hackers from topmost education institutions can be rewarded with such large pay scales. Many private institutions aren’t eligible for the same salaries. So, you must be cautious when choosing an ethical hacking program.

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