Top Engineering Branches in India For Future Engineer

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engineering branches in india.

Engineering is, without a doubt, among the most sought-after careers for students across the globe. Engineering is a broad term that covers a variety of fields.

Certain engineering branches have existed for centuries, whereas others were created just a few years ago. No matter which field an engineer belongs to, ultimately, they play a significant contribution to the advancement of society and unify the whole world into one superpower.

In terms of the various engineering branches, some branches provide evergreen career opportunities and pay well. This article is ideal if you’re an engineer or are just beginning to get into the area.

They are a great place to work and also have the lowest rates of unemployment. They are therefore evergreen and will remain for the foreseeable future. Are you curious to know the meaning behind them? Check out the article to learn more! Here, you’ll be acquainted with some options that are guaranteed never to let you down.

Top 10 Engineering Branches for Future Engineers

Computer engineering branch

OpportunitiesComputer engineers can work for all types of industry and are particularly suited to Information Technology and the corporate world.

The responsibilitiesComputer engineers are accountable to work in tandem to improve technology. Hardware or software, the world is evolving at a rapid pace. Innovative engineers are needed to keep pace with the growing opportunities in the public sector and within the industry.

EligibilityComputer engineer can be a wide field. All Computer Science aspirants and Information Technology graduates are eligible to pursue this engineering field. The advancement of technology has been a boon to Computer Engineers. A graduate degree with a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or in a related field is a good choice for the career of your choice.

Average salary– $85,000pa

Electrical engineer

Opportunities for an electrical engineer, you have options in nearly every field that is concerned with electronics. The future is now, so electrical technicians are highly demanded in the public and private sectors.

The responsibilitiesElectrical engineers combine electrical energy with new perspectives of life. The function of electrical engineers is to work on developing by utilizing the latest technologies and to assist other industries in learning how to use the latest technology. They also use techniques like Computer-aided design to help initiatives such as telecommuting, etc.

Eligibility students who have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or similar fields can apply to be Electrical engineers. It is among the oldest engineering disciplines, and its recognition is growing.

Average salary– $88,000pa

Petroleum engineering branch

OpportunitiesPetroleum engineers generally work for oil and natural gas firms based in an international or a country.

The primary responsibilities of a petroleum engineer vary from natural gas and oil extraction across the globe. Technology usage, maintenance and development are the primary responsibility of petroleum engineers. In the future, the natural gas and oil resources will be scarcer and more sophisticated technology will be required to extract the resources.

Eligibilitypetroleum engineering is among the distinct engineering branches. Students who hold the bachelor’s degree in mechanical, civil or industrial and production engineering may also choose to take up an engineering career in petroleum.

Average salary– $94,000pa

Aeronautical engineer

OpportunitiesAeronautical engineers can apply for positions in airlines and space companies that manufacture aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites. They can earn high salaries, and there are many opportunities for them.

TasksAeronautical engineers are engineers working in space on satellites, rockets and spacecraft. They are proficient in developing and improving technologies for this area. They must adhere to specific guidelines and keep a record of their progress over time.

Eligibility candidates who hold a doctoral degree in mechanical or aeronautical engineering can apply for this job. An internship experience before the job is the cherry on top of the cake.

Average salary– $95,000pa

Chemical engineer

OpportunitiesThere are numerous potential for engineers in the chemical industry across the United States and the world. It is due to the importance of different chemicals and the necessity to use them effectively.

The responsibilitiesChemical engineer is a person who studies chemical compounds and the methods associated with the study of chemicals and the techniques used to deal with them. It doesn’t matter if it’s the food or fertilizer industry. Chemical engineers are essential in every primary sector that deals with chemicals. Chemical engineers don’t always manage the process. However, they study the properties of the various chemicals that are associated with them.

Eligibility students who have an engineering degree are qualified for the job.

Average salary– $90,000pa

Civil engineer

Opportunities civil engineers you could work in the public sector and private industry, dealing with various construction projects. It takes creativity and persistence.

TasksThe job as a civil engineer has been vital since immemorial. They are the foundations of progress literally. In no doubt, civil engineering is among the most well-known branches of engineering. Civil engineers are in demand from bridges for public use and roads to the construction of private homes.

EligibilityAny engineering student who holds a degree in civil engineering can become an engineer in civil engineering.

Average salary– $90,000pa

Mechanical engineer

OpportunitiesMechanical engineering is a wildly popular and evergreen engineering field. They are in demand in many different industries, both public as well as private.

Job dutiesMechanical engineering is undoubtedly among the most ancient engineering branches. For a mechanical engineer, your primary responsibility is working with engines, vehicles turbines, engines, etc. It is also a constant need for improvement.

Eligibility to become a mechanical engineer and a master’s diploma in mechanical engineering or production and industrial engineering is essential.

Average salary– $80,000pa

Nuclear engineer

OpportunitiesNuclear engineers play an essential role in the creation of nuclear energy. When you are a Nuclear Engineer, you could work at various atomic power facilities. If you have enough experience, you will be able to be promoted to higher positions.

TasksNuclear energy holds lots of potentials which is why nuclear technicians are in great demand today. The role of an engineer in nuclear is to work for a nuclear power plant and manage the various activities. This job requires dedication, precision and knowledge.

Eligibilityengineers with an advanced degree focused on nuclear engineering will be the best candidates for this position. To be more successful, having a postgraduate degree is also recommended. Additionally, hopefuls can gain experience by doing different internships that cover the fundamentals aspects of nuclear engineering.

Average salary– $90,000pa

Biomedical engineer

OpportunitiesBiomedical engineers are employed by the most prestigious organizations and government agencies working with artificial organs and technological development.

The primary function of a biomedical engineering engineer is to develop and research innovative technologies that deal with artificial organs. It is a rapidly growing science that has hit various milestones in the past and is predicted to bring about the salvation of millions.

Eligibility for becoming a biomedical engineer is to possess a doctorate diploma in biomedical engineering, bioengineering or biotechnology.

Average salary– $75,000pa

Engineer in the field of environmental engineering

Opportunities– the future is set to move towards sustainable practices. Every field needs environmental engineers who think up new ways of solving problems and new ideas to the old issues.

Tasksenvironmental engineers work with the latest technology while ensuring sustainable practices. They dedicate their time to improving the environmental condition through innovation. Ecological engineers study and develop strategies to incorporate new technologies that are more sustainable and less polluting. In your job as an environmental engineer, you need to discover ways to decrease pollution.

EligibilityTo becomes an engineer in environmental engineering; you require an undergraduate education in environmental engineering or related areas such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc.

Average salary– $79,000pa

Conclusion: Engineering Branches

This article will help you will get to learn about the top 10 evergreen and upcoming engineering fields. They are not just awe-inspiring pay but also offer exciting opportunities for the future. If you’re looking to enter the vast engineering field but aren’t sure which engineering fields to pick from, It is a good idea to latch onto these fields since they offer many potentials and will not be disappointed.


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