90 Best Franchise Business In India

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Best Franchise Business In India, Since the beginning, franchises in India have been growing. While franchises were previously restricted to a handful of Indian and foreign-owned companies, today, there are up to 90 of the most profitable franchises in India.

The number is predicted to increase quickly, according to sources in the industry.

Size of Franchise Market in India

According to sources from the industry that all franchise businesses in India are registering an average Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 35 percent. The annual revenue of franchise-based companies across India exceeds Rs.940 billion by the mid-2021 period.

According to reports, the franchise industry in India is responsible for around 1.8 percent of the Indian National Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and the figure could exceed the mark of five percent within the next few months.

The Covid-19 pandemic also accelerated the growth of franchising India, according to industry reports. During the pandemic, there was steady growth in franchising businesses such as community kitchens, mask printing, and sanitization services. Many franchisees opted for low-investment-high-returns companies.

If you’re contemplating starting a business with a major chain and want to become a franchisee, here are the top 90 franchise options.

90 Best Franchise Businesses in India

Here’s my list of the top 90 franchises in India. You can pick any of these chains and open your franchise. I’ve listed these businesses under various headings so that you can easily choose.

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Beauty and Wellness Salons

The beauty and wellness industry is growing at an incredible rate throughout India. While around 60% of these companies are located in metropolitan areas of India, there is a vast growth across Tier-1 cities, Tier-2, and Tier-3 of these companies across the nation. So, if you’re thinking of acquiring a franchise in this industry, here are some companies to look into.

  1. Kaya Clinic
  2. Lakme
  3. VLCC
  4. Shahnaz Hussain Group
  5. Blossom Kochhar Group
  6. Looks Unisex Salon
  7. Affinity Salon
  8. Jawed Habib

Food & Beverage Franchise

Most likely, you’ve had food at any of the international top-quality Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) that are operating across India. These are the top food and beverage franchises you can think about. You could also create QSR QSR by acquiring a franchise from the owners of the brand.

  1. Pizza Hut
  2. Subway
  3. Pind Balluchi
  4. KFC
  5. Kake di Hatti
  6. McDonald’s
  7. Burger King
  8. Xero Degrees
  9. Bikanerwala
  10. Big Yellow Door
  11. Taxicab Pizza
  12. Jollibee’s
  13. Sbarro
  14. Taco Bell

Fashion & Sportswear

There are a lot of companies in sportswear and fashion that provide franchise deals for Indian investors. As you’ve probably guessed, more and more Indians prefer branded clothes regardless of whether they’re from India or elsewhere. Here’s a list of leading brands that have franchise stores are available in India.

  1. Kappa
  2. United Colors of Benetton
  3. Puma
  4. Zara
  5. Fabindia
  6. Adidas
  7. Reebok
  8. Old Navy
  9. Pull & Bear
  10. NEXT
  11. Mango
  12. Aeropostale
  13. Bata

Retail Jewelry Franchise

Indians are extremely fond of jewelry, ornaments, and gold. This is why there’s a vast number of jewelers in the United States. In addition, there are several prominent brands offering franchises in this particular field as well. The jewelry business is lucrative in India. If you’re thinking of starting the business as a franchisee, Here’s my list of brands to think about.

  1. Gitanjali Jewels
  2. Kalyan Jewelers
  3. Malabar Gold and Diamonds
  4. Tanishq
  5. Joy Alukkas

Healthcare and Diagnostic Franchise

A few decades ago, when health checks were routine, they would be performed by your local family doctor or at one of the clinics that specialize in. However, the health care industry in India has expanded from a primarily unorganized one. You can now also acquire franchises from any of the leading healthcare service companies in India.

  1. Apollo Diagnostics
  2. Dr.Morepen
  3. Apollo Pharmacy
  4. Forever Wellness
  5. Thyrocare
  6. Sanjeevani Healthcare
  7. NUSI Wockhardt
  8. Lifecare Diagnostics
  9. Dr. Lal’s Pathlabs

Automobile Franchise

With increasing numbers of Indian households own cars and motorbikes, the demand for scooters, cars, and motorcycles in the nation sees a significant increase in sales. As a result, there are many excellent opportunities to join the top franchise in India and start your own business.

  1. Cars24
  2. Caraway
  3. Car Dekho
  4. TVS Scooters
  5. Bajaj Auto
  6. Hero Motocorp
  7. Suzuki Motors
  8. Force Motors
  9. Mahindra First Choice
  10. 3M Car Care
  11. Motorz Spa
  12. Express Carwash

International Franchise

If you’re thinking of partnering with leading foreign brands to establish an internationally-based franchise in India, there are many alternatives available. But, they’ll require significant investment since you’ll need to comply with their requirements. Here are some franchises from around the world to think about.

  1. Amazon Fulfillment
  2. 7-11 Supermarkets
  3. Sephora
  4. Dunkin Donuts
  5. Gold’s Gym
  6. Anytime Fitness
  7. Arrow
  8. Louis Philippe
  9. Samsonite
  10. Panasonic
  11. Samsung
  12. Haier
  13. Westinghouse

Furniture and Home Decor

Both local and international firms offer franchises for their businesses in India. They are among the most popular brands worldwide and have a good presence in India too. The franchises will require the opening of a showroom.

  1. IKEA
  2. Godrej Interior
  3. Interiors & More
  4. Pepperfry
  5. Nilkamal Furniture
  6. Woodniture
  7. Kurl On

Assorted Franchises

We also have many various franchises in India. It is possible to tie up with those Indian as well as foreign franchises, too. The majority of these franchises would be available to metro cities. You can also attempt opening a shop within Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3 cities where the demand for these services and products increases.

  1. Aarey Parlor
  2. Amul Parlor
  3. Parle Boutique
  4. Wow Momo
  5. Domino’s Pizza
  6. Bangalore Iyengar Bakery
  7. Travel Khana
  8. TGI Friday
  9. Applebee

Requirements to Open Franchise Business

Franchise businesses can have a great chance to earn profits due to their brands being extremely well-known; they also require you to adhere to the conditions and terms. For instance, McDonald’s will offer you the franchise to start QSRs QSR only if you have a location in line with their international standards. You’ll need to equip the premises with the standard livery for McDonald’s worldwide operations. Their professionals will also train employees.

In the same way, opening a branded clothing store also requires an appropriate space, lighting, and stock by the agreement for the franchise. You may also need to pay royalty or franchise money to the franchisor owner to start the business.

Licensing for Franchises

No matter if you’re purchasing franchises from an Indian company or one from a foreign company, there are many permits required. In the case of India, for instance, you’ll need around 40 permits and licenses to start the Quick Service Restaurant in India by an international chain. You’ll also have to adhere to local laws, including keeping meat and pork off the menu even though they might be included in the global menu at the establishment.

In Conclusion

Establishing a franchise company in India isn’t a huge challenge. But, it involves many expenditures. It’s because every franchisor would like the premises of their franchisees to be in line with their standard of uniformity across the nation or the globe.

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