Benefits of Learning French Language

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Benefits of learning french language. French is ranked 14, 15th 14th on the Ethnologue list of the world’s top popular languages. However, according to World Economic Forum, it is ranked fourth as the fourth most potent language on Earth to conduct business.

In any event, French isn’t a well-liked language among foreigners because of its difficult pronunciation and grammar.

However, the process of learning the French language could open up doors to a world of possibilities for anyone. It’s because French is not as standard as the numbers above indicate.

Why is the French Language Important?

French is the official and nationally officially recognized language in France. But, it’s also the official and national spoken language in 13 different nations. In addition, it’s also the official language of sixteen other nations. It means there’s a total of 29 Francophone countries around the world. These were former colonies or overseas territories of France.

Additionally, France has a rich literary heritage. French cuisine is at the top of the world. France is home to several top universities of higher learning. It is also a member of those in the Group of Eight or G-8 most industrialized nations globally. This means that France exports a lot of products around the world.

So, if you’re planning to master French, Here are some compelling arguments for why it’s essential.

Importance of Learning French Language

Here are a few reasons to be a good reminder of the importance of learning the French language. Like I said earlier, it could open incredible career and educational opportunities for everyone.

Official Language of United Nations

French is among the officially recognized languages by the United Nations. This makes it an essential language for foreign diplomatic relations and diplomatic. It is the case that the UN and its member’s organizations release many communiqués and other information in French. Thus, French is a great language to master if you plan to enter the foreign service.

Higher Education in France

France might not be the ideal destination for higher learning. The majority of Indians prefer English-speaking nations like the US, UK, and Australia for professional training. But, France has excellent universities that offer courses that are specialized in hospitality management, health, European history, politics and diplomacy, medicine and culinary arts, biotechnology, and the French language. The degrees awarded by France are recognized worldwide.

Indian Defense Sector

France is a major supplier of defense products to India. This includes the recently commissioned Rafale Multi-Role Combat Aircraft, Scorpene-class submarines, and numerous other items used by India’s Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and India’s Indian Army. The majority of these contracts are currently in place between French defense firms and Indian companies in the private sector.

Learn French provides you with the opportunity to participate in this expanding area of cooperation between the two countries in defense. Of course, just speaking French will not guarantee you an outstanding job in the defense industry. There are other qualifications you must have.

India’s Wine Industry

India has a booming wine industry that relies heavily on France. This is because France offers the widest variety of top-quality grapes to be used in making exceptional wines. The majority of Indian wine is made from the local cultivation of French Origin grapes. The art of making wine is an art that was developed through the French.

Anyone who wants to join this growing and promising industry of Indian wines should study French. You can study France winemaking distillation, brewing, and brewing various types of alcoholic drinks. In addition, these classes are not available in India.

In Conclusion

It’s important to note that France was the ruler of Puducherry (erstwhile Pondicherry) in the south of India. There’s a massive Francophone population living there as well. Since India’s diplomatic and trade relations with France and the Francophone world are growing, learning French is becoming more crucial.

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